The Joys ……

This weekend was a VERY uncomfortable weekend for me as I stupidy did not take interflora pills with my antibiotics prescribed last week. On Friday I started getting a little discomfort and quickly realised I was getting thrush so started eating lots of plain yoghurt … I guess that was just too little too late because by yesterday afternoon I was soooo uncomfortable – sore, itching, you name it!!

I went to the pharmacy yesterday morning and got some probiotics but once again they wouldn’t really help since I should have started them with the antibiotics. I did not want to just get any over-the-counter meds without speaking to my dr. and of course for this I had to wait until today.
Anyway I called dr’s room at 9am today and she said that I needed to come in at 2pm and get a checkup…. huh? I thought he was just going to fax a script through to the pharmacy and be done with it?? Not sure why he wants to see me but I suppose he wants to make sure the bladder infection coupled with the thrush is not causing any problems like an irritable uterus or something. I’m not complaining since I love seeing baby so hopefully he does a scan today…!


~ by irene0211 on March 2, 2009.

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