Well my app. on Monday went well. Dr gave me a script for a single pill and some topical cream but it does seem to be taking a little while to work (grrrrr). Other than that he decided to do a scan as well and my little man is looking cuter than ever. Dr. wanted to give me a printout of baby’s face (profile) and his hands were all over his face, scratching, sucking fingers etc. so dr. moved the probe around quite fast and said “C’mon move your hand” – poor little thing immediately put his hand down by his side and kept it there!! Good news is when dr. did all the measurements baby seems to have jumped two weeks growth in a week!!!! That’s my boy!!

I got a call yesterday afternoon that one of my cupboards I ordered was finished and was in the shop!! I was so excited to go see it so I took both my girls with me as I really needed a second opinion from Kaylah. I loved it!! It came out a lot better than I had imagined and Kaylah also loved it. We had measured it so that there is hanging space at the top and about 5 shelves underneath that. It was done in white as I requested but for some stupid reason they had put on a gold knob instead of a plain white one [puke!!] – oh well nothing that I can’t change!! He will deliver it today so when I get home I will take pictures and post.. I am so excited to start packing his clothes in there lol. This leads me to my next problem …. family

I am honestly feeling the pinch not having my sister or my mother anywhere close by with this pregnancy as they were both there with my other two and I guess I took that for granted. I don’t say Oli is not excited about it but when it comes to things like decorating the room or discussing baby clothes or breastfeeding he really has no idea whatsoever. I miss having someone to coo with when I am out shopping for all things baby but I must say my daughter has really stepped up to the plate as if she senses just how much I need her right now. I love her to bits!!

I guess what I’m saying is that this pregnancy is very lonely – I can’t just take my newly purchased goods down the road to sister and mom and sit over cake and tea discussing all our birth stories. What’s worse is that none of them will be around for the birth either – its my first little boy and such a special moment that I want to share it with everybody that is important in my life. Oli’s mom lives in Jhb but I can’t say that we are particularly close and our relationship, for some reason, was never given the chance to blossom. Oli’s dad lives in our cottage on our property but the man drives me half insane and all I want is for him to go get his own place and his own life instead of interfering in mine (trust me you have to know the man to understand these ARE NOT pregnancy hormones talking).
The problem also lies with the friends we have made since moving to the coast two years ago. Most of the friends we see on a very regular basis are all over 40 and have teenage kids so its pretty damn hard for the female friends to sympathise with me when I need a shoulder to cry on or when I need to just throw a temper tantrum because pregnancy is but a distant memory to them and I get that they cannot remember being this grumpy when they were pregnant – its not stuff you want to remember. In saying that however, their husbands remember it as if it were yesterday!! Then there is my other crowd of friends, some still single, some just started their married life – the kidless bunch … I love them all but again I cannot expect them to sit and listen to me waffle on about my amazing pregnancy when in all fairness it can’t mean much to them.
I feel blessed to be surrounded by all these friends but sadly nothing can replace my family whom I miss so very much right now.

[P.S] Cheryl / Mom – ahem … if you read this please feel free to plan a little holiday around the time I give birth [insert cheeky grin here] Luv you loads – promise!! xxxx


~ by irene0211 on March 4, 2009.

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