Finally – an update!!

Yes I am alive I’m sure of it. I have left this update so long I just don’t know where to start so I’ll keep it short and sweet and update on Mr. T’s milestones.

We had NO teeth at the end of January and by the first week in March we had 8 so yes it was fun and games for a month with very swolen gums and a miserable little boy who refused to sleep. Once again the whole of March my happy little boy came back but now over the last week he seems incredibly fussy again. Let me not talk about the tempter tantrums that started about a week ago. It seems he has learnt to scream, stiff body, shaking his arms and hands in fists when he is a. tired b. pissed off in general or c. has something off limits taken away from him..! In the Spar the other day we had our first public tantrum as I took an item away that I had put in the basket and he screamed so loud and cried so hard the tears made puddles on either side of the trolley (get it? picture animated tears here) …. the owner (who I chat to all the time) came running as she obviously thought he had fallen from the basket. Embarrassing? Just a little.

He is standing now and often gets annoyed if you try hold on to him – he just wants to do it alone and it scares me as the bumps and bruises are starting now. Oh well its bound to happen – I’ll just be there and ready with the hugs and kisses after the fact. Trent turned 9 months yesterday and I’m actually a little sad that his time as a baby is fast approaching its end but then I remind myself how many giggles and joy Morgan brought us in her toddler years as she was learning and saying the funniest things.

We are now due for our Measels vaccs but I’m going to wait it out for a few days as his moods are telling me there may be another tooth lurking in the shadows… We have just started grinding our teeth as well and its the most awful sound on earth …. Hoping the tantrums and the grinding are all a passing phase as I’m starting to think I have another little tiger on my hands 🙂


~ by irene0211 on April 7, 2010.

2 Responses to “Finally – an update!!”

  1. Welcome back – whoohhoooo!! Glad to hear all is going well, and yes the grinding is just a phase as well as the tantrums – but be warned these tantrums are a tip on the ice-burg of the TERRIBLE TWO's!!!!LOL

  2. Yay, welcome back babe.Congrats on the toofles finally coming through and GOOOOOOOOD luck with the tantrums…XXX

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