Weekend Fun

Once again we had a nice family weekend starting with Friday night. We went out with some friends for dinner but left T at home with the maid as I don’t often like messing with his routine. We were home by 10:30pm so not a late night at all.

Saturday morning I suggested to Oli we go to the Pavilion for a change and do some shopping. Its a good 1.5 hours drive but was well worth it. The kids got spoilt as Christmas was pretty tight not to mention that since we spent it in Jhb and had no space in the car we couldn’t get all the presents we wanted to so on Saturday T finally got his Ride-on-Walker which he loves – its the one that converts into a little bike for when they get older.

I also bought him a long-overdue radio/cd player for his room and a couple of CD’s including the Sleep Sense Lala cd as the radio we would have used has taken up permanent residence in Oli’s workshop. Morgan got a whole set of “My Little Ponies” and a nice big lilo and Kaylah of course got money as she desperately wanted the “New Moon” DVD which sadly was not out in any of the shops we went to. If she’s anything like me when she wants something she HATES waiting.
Oli bought himself some nice clothes which was long overdue so I’m glad he finally spoilt himself for a change.
We also got a nice pair of running shoes for me as I had none and constantly used this as an excuse to not go for the 5pm run with Oli and the kids. Another problem was the pram we have for T which got terrible speed wobbles on the one time Oli took him with. Sooo we decided to get a not-too-expensive jogger pram for him and now no more excuses for me [watch this space]….
We feasted on a wonderful lunch of beef carpacio starter with capers, parmesan and rocket drenched in lemon juice, olive oil and balsamic and ordered one really delicious pizza to share between us for our main course. The reason I make reference to the wonderful lunch is due to the really crappy restaurants we have at home so when we do find a good restaurant with good service we are like kids in a candy store.
Saturday afternoon / night we were absolutely exhausted so all dropped into bed very early and woke up to a sweltering hot day on Sunday. Honestly the kind of heat that takes your breath away. I waited until at least 3:30pm before taking T to swim due to the scorching sun – so T, Morgan and myself swam in a pool that was 31 degrees and felt like tepid bath water. The minute you get out you’re hot again – I started feeling like I was on Lake Kareba in December (take it from me you DO NOT want to be that close to the equator in December).

Last night we had rolled pork, roast potatoes and veg but honestly I just couldn’t eat because of the heat so we should have probably stuck to salad’s a cold meat.

Trent is growing so well and has gone from a baby who hardly smiled to one that smiles all the time – his whole face lights up when he smiles and its just so contageous. He has been rocking on his hands and knees for a while now and has figured out that if he rocks to gain momentum then throws himself forward on his tummy and repeats he gets to where he wants to be so being on my bed is no longer an option unless under very close supervision. He has also got pretty bored being on his knees and now pushes up onto his feet so his bum is right up in the air.
As far as kisses and hugs go he is starting to not like them too much – possibly because he gets them from 5 different people in the house constantly so one can hardly blame him. Food wise his appetite is very good lately whereas a couple of weeks ago he never finished his food and more often than not spat it out.

Morgan has a little PeeWee motorbike and Oli taught her to ride yesterday – once she had the basics he took her to a field nearby and off she went. He phoned me and I jumped in the car armed with my NEW camera to watch this very proud moment. We will be buying all the safety gear before I allow her back on the bike however.

As for me I have been trying, throughout all the chaos at home, to read a book I bought on Saturday “Digital Photography Handbook” as an aide to help me better understand my new camera which I am absolutely over the moon about. A late Christmas present from DH.

I have a lot of saving to do for all the extra’s I would like to get incl. photoshop, tripod, micro lenses, zoom lenses, external flash and so it goes on …. not a cheap hobby at all but hopefully sometime in the future it will start paying back.

On that note I’m off to read my book and gain more valuable tips in the peaceful surroundings of my office.


~ by irene0211 on January 25, 2010.

One Response to “Weekend Fun”

  1. Ag ma! That sounds like SUCH a nice weekend! Seems that u and Oli have also sorted things and that things are going much better! I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!Trent is gonna LURVE that Walker! Jay loves his! Too cute!

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