November Madness!!

Its that time of year again where tempers are high and the Christmas spirit is all around us – all our department stores cramming their isles with more goodies than they can fit including last years Christmas stock, baking utensils and far too many toys, making it virtually impossible to manuvoer a trolley let alone a pram through its maize. I look to Christmas shopping with pure dread since I realise that if not done before 1 December it will become virtually impossible to do it at all. The reason being that we live in a very popular (and might I add small) coastal town and come the last school bell of the year thousands upon thousands of holiday makers decend upon us with caravans, campers, bikes, tents and beachballs … excitedly anticipating their first glimpse of the warm indian ocean. I might add too that the road rage practiced in our lovely GP is carried over to this quaint little town I call home and we find ourselves more often than not, on the receiving end of cusses, middle fingers and speeding angry drivers determined to wipe out anything or anyone in their path as they race against time to the beach or the malls before the other racing angry GP drivers get there first. After living here for 3 years I can honestly say that I am disgusted that I too was one of them and I too had no regard for the local people, their generosity, their kindness and the fact that unlike the GP’s they have to work throughout Christmas and New Year. Yes the GP’s would say “but we bring in the MONEY so quit complaining” … a little common curtesy and respect for these quiet coastal people and their beautiful wildlife goes a long way people.

Which brings me onto my next point – I will be spending the week of Christmas in Jhb with my family and I couldn’t be happier. Traffic going out that way will be QUIET! Jhb itself will be QUIET! Well quieter than this place that is. My dilemma still remains that I need to get my Christmas shopping out of the way and quickly so DH hurry up and bring on the money!!!

Trent reached a very big milestone yesterday and I have to say he hit me with a curve ball because I didn’t see this one coming. He SAT all by himself and for at least 10 minutes before he started crying – problem was he had no idea how to get out of that sitting position so cried for mommy to rescue him….
The drooling, spit up and biting is now full steam ahead which leaves me looking like something the cat dragged in. Here’s hoping those teeth come soon but if he is anything like my other two Im looking at around 7 – 8 months.


~ by irene0211 on November 24, 2009.

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