Flu and more

I have been a very bad blogger lately but have had so much on the go. Much as my fingers like to waffle when I begin typing I will keep this short and simple.

Kaylah’s 16th party went off very well and was a huge success but for those few kids that have absolutely no manners and chose to drink alcohol. Of course hubby and I are the one’s now getting frowned down on by the parents but my take on this is that if you drop your kids off and cannot be bothered to check their pockets for alcohol do not then make your shortcommings as a parent my fault. My daughter behaved in exactly the way I have always taught her to so I honestly feel proud that this is a result of 16 years work I have put in and now I feel I really did do it right after second guessing myself on so many things (10 years of that was as a single parent) so I feel it only fair to give myself a pat on the back and take most of the credit …. :o)

It seems the flu bug has finally reached my little man and he has a cough which I am unhappy about since summer is here and I thought we were one of the lucky few. Kaylah is in bed right now sick with a chest cold and I feel a slight cold coming on too. I am giving him some herbal cough syrup which he DETESTS and illiadin nose drops – for now. I will have to watch him and hope against hope that it stops at a small cold.

I really am looking forward to our little trip to Jhb – to see new and old friends and see my family again – we really need to start travelling more but honestly since we moved to the coast we kind’ve got lazy to go away because it feels like you have everything here so where to go? I hate Jhb although I miss it a lot – it takes a trip there to make me realise how lucky we were to have made the move to the coast.

Until next time …….


~ by irene0211 on October 20, 2009.

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