My Precious Children

I have been contemplating this post for awile so people are aware that I do infact have two other children that are loved dearly!!!

I am quite amazed at how different all their personalities are and love them all differently for this very reason.

First there is Kaylah who was the most difficult and sick baby but turned out into a very shy, well-mannered and very well liked teenager. Her 16th birthday is coming up and I really can’t get my head around the fact that she is that age. I need to scan some baby pics of her – she was absolutely adorable and still is so I think I’m going to soon start having boy problems. She has never been very academically minded just like I was in school so really has to push herself to get average marks.

Then there is Morgan who keeps this whole family on their toes or rather on their heads. She tears up and down like a tornado from the moment she wakes up until she passes out at night. She is very confident and can also be pretty disrespectful to adults which is a very big problem with me and we are trying our best to rectify it. She loves to sing and dance in front of the mirror with her pretend-microphone and is constantly wanting us to watch her do a play. I think she will excell in school since thusfar she has been one of the top pupils in her class and never disappoints with her report card (I might add that her behaviour at home is not carried over to school – there she is as good as gold which then rules out ADHD). As a baby she was also pretty easy until we started giving in to demands which at the time was easier but the long-term effects such as her sleeping in our bed until she was 5 years old made me quickly realise the errors of our ways. She was born weighing 3.6 kg’s but is such a skinny little girl – very tall but at 6 years she is only weighing 20kg’s (note that Trent is almost half of that at 3 months!!)

Then of course we have Trent who is such a sensitive little soul lately that if there is a sudden and unexpected loud noise his bottom lip immediately comes out followed by a heart wrenching wail that goes on for a full 5 minutes even with all the comforting in the world. It not funny but we laugh at him nonetheless because it is just soooo incredibly cute. His nighttime routine (knocking on wood here) is soooo much better than Morgan’s was and I think it could be due to the fact that I am much more in tune to him than I was with my girls and we work very well as a team. DH does sometimes come into the bathroom and play with him and this last week asked if he could bath him but honestly I think its my fault that I do all the work because I am a perfectionist with his routine. (perhaps I was too hard on him (DH) in my last post but honestly we all know the domino effects of financial strain and I have to just understand that he is running his own business and worring about supporting our large family – nuf said). Trent seems to be reaching certain milestones a little slower than Morgan did to so I have a feeling I am going to have a chilled happy little boy one day that does things at his own pace (nothing wrong!).

They are all so unique and I feel that this is so important because you are always surprised by things they do or the way they do them. My heart is so full of love for my 3 beautiful children even if they drive me half insane a lot of the time.


~ by irene0211 on October 5, 2009.

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