Another day in the life ….

Trent has started settling into a nice routine now (knock on wood!) and last night was his first night in the big cot in his room. He loved it!! He really slept well even though he slept the day away yesterday. A week ago I finally decided to stop expressing breast milk and only formula feed and it was a very sad day for me. I still experience the urge to run to the the dr for pills to get the milk going again just because I feel like I am saying goodbye to a part of Trent and my early days and admitting to myself that he is no longer a newborn. I took him to the clinic the other day and he only picked up 20grams this week which we are not at all worried about – the sister and I think he is probably going to slow down a lot with the weight gain due to the huge gains thusfar.
I am loving talking to him now as he talks back and has recently just discovered his tongue so he is always sticking it out at me or playing with it in his mouth.
The girls are still loving him sooo much and simply can’t get enough of him – I really thought the novelty would have worn off by now – you know how kids are … more important things to do – but no I think adding a boy to the mix was the perfect recipe.

Oli and I have been getting along a lot better too and seem to have sorted our differences out. He has also told me he wants to take the family on a nice vacation before my maternity leave is finished and asked me where I would like to go. Any input would be great because I am looking for a place where there is lots for the kids to do while Oli and I find eachother again and just relax after a really shit financial year.
He is also bonding so well with Trent but I must admit he feels a little sorry for himself because lately Trent ignores him. When he plays with him or tries to smile at him Trent will turn his head or his eyes the other way. I have discovered the reason for this is because Oli tries to interract with him at about 6am before he goes to work and Trent is just getting ready to have his next sleep so really has little to no interest in any of us. Then at night when Oli gets home Trent is having his post-bath deep sleep so we just can’t win.

I am starting to make my plans to go up to Jhb end of October and meet all the OPM ladies. Add to that its my birthday on 2 November and my brother-in-laws birthday on the same day so we will probably stay with my sister and have a big celebration. Oli’s mom lives in Jhb too so she is really looking forward to seeing us and the kids. Then a bonus is that my mom is going to be in Jhb on the same weekend as my dad needs to go and see the heart specialist for a follow-up. I am so excited for us to all be getting together again!!!

I started weight watchers and it has admittedly been slow to start since while my mom was here I pretty much ate anything I could get my hands on. Yesterday I went for my weigh-in and in two weeks (since I didn’t go weigh in last week) I had only picked up 200 grams – nothing wrong with that!! As of yesterday I have been very good and Im really hoping for a loss of about 1.5 or 2kg’s this week which is normal for me on the first week of a diet – thereafter it slows.

I think I’ve about covered all my news now and as usual I leave with some cute photo’s:

Mom and Dad the other day on the beach … I miss them so much

I love bath time … and recently discovered I have a tongue

Oh this is a little bit of heaven on Anna’s back

I have started doing a wall of fame for my brood – as soon as Trent is sitting I am taking all three for updated pics – the skinny smiley baby with the feathers is Morgan..


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