10 Things I Love about You…

You know when you just have too much to report back on that the more you wait the more news you store up until eventually it becomes too scary to blog because of the amount of time you may end up on the computer? Yes well this is me so instead of reporting back on everything I will list the 10 things I love most about you my Number 1 Man.

1. The way you make a little mmmm sound when drinking your bottle … sip mmmmm sip mmmmm sip mmmm …
2. The way your whole face lights up in the morning when I pick you up and smile at you.
3. The way you jump sometimes when you fart.
4. The way your eyes go round as saucers when you make new sounds.
5. The way you grunt like a caveman when you are trying to breastfeed and cannot find the source of your food and then proceed to head butt my breast in anticipation.
6. The way your bottom lip chatters when we pick you up too quickly.
7. The way you squeak for your bottle if I take too long.
8. The way you tuck your balled fists under your chin like a little bunny when you sleep.
9. The way you sneeze or hiccup and then look very surprised as if it wasn’t you.
10. The way you sometime suck your dummy so hard it shoots out of your mouth.

….and a bonus 11 – just because you are all mine and you are teaching me so much as a mommy – I feel so youthful once again and thank you with all my heart for coming to me when you did and giving me the opportunity to experience this pure and precious love one more time.

Mommy loves you with all my heart my little chipmunk – you will always be my Number 1 Man

To my blogger pals – I would love to read yours too …… I tag you!
To those still going through their TTC journey please remember you are always in my prayers



~ by irene0211 on August 25, 2009.

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