Paed Visit

Firstly thank you ladies for your help. Chez I remember Antipeol but wasn’t that taken orally? I will get some definately. Zeu – Daktarin was the name I had forgotten thanks… I used to use that with my daughter and worked very well.

So the following points were discussed at the paed yesterday:

Trents weight gain:

He was weighed on the paed’s scale 17 days ago and was weighing 4.9kg’s and yesterday he weighed 6.1kg’s so in just over 2 weeks he picked up 1.2kg’s – that’s 500 grams a week and 70 grams a day!! Dr only wants him to put on 25 grams a day because of his large birth weight. So he was put on the following formula:

800ml in 24 hrs 3 hourly:

7pm – 100ml
10pm – 100ml
1am – 100ml
4am – 100ml
7am – 100ml
10am – 100ml
1pm – 100ml
4pm – 100ml

or (which I may prefer):

800ml in 24hrs 4 hourly
7pm – 150ml
11pm – 150ml
3am – 125ml
7am – 125ml
11am – 125ml
3pm – 125ml

I was definately overfeeding him when I look at the schedule above but at least we have caught it before he started getting too fat.

Dr said absolutely NO rooibos as their systems are still much to immature to handle the ingredients in the tea and that it would more than likely just make his nappy rash worse so I will just continue with the boiled water between feeds.

Weeping Eye:
He said to continue with the drops given but I had been forgetting to massage the eye along the nose after applying drops. This is important because it opens the blocked duct and allows the medicine to travel through. If the problem persists months down the line he may need to go to an eye specialist where they insert a very fine tube through the eye and down the duct to open it. I hope it doesn’t come to that however.

Gripe water? He says its flavoured water that someone is making money out of so I’m wasting my time with it.
Telemant? As above.
He says that buscopan should be used only in extreme cases but he prefers that the babies get the winds up by themselves if they can or it will only get worse as they begin to rely on medicine. I have to agree with that.

P.S (last night hubby called me into the room as he was holding Trent and wanted me to see him in action with his dummy. He had a grip on it and was continuously putting it in his mouth and removing it – such good co-ords and he looked adorable.

P.P.S (I got another smile out of him this morning – albiet a brief one it melted my heart nonetheless)



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