One In The Can For Me ;)

Well … I just had to report back on this one. Friday night we were invited to a braai at friends and we had some drinks and chatted and all that good stuff, getting home at about 11pm. Now our agreement is that on weekends hubby sleeps with me in the main room since he does not have work the next day. Firstly I notice him heading for the spareroom and turning on the lamp. My words to him? “I DON’T THINK SO!!” so sheepishly he turns the light out and comes to bed. Fast forward 12:30am and hubby dearest has been snoring his head off for an hour and I have been up with a baby that has no interest in sleeping. Something wrong with this picture right? I start silently fuming at the fact I have been suckered yet again. Let me remind all that I too was drinking and since I am not used to drinking I was absolutely exhausted when we got home. Eventually I just couldn’t take it anymore and woke him up … dialogue as follows:

“Oli I think this is really unfair that I am up and you are sleeping”
his reply: “Well I have had a hard day at work and I got up at 6am”
me: “Oh wow – you slept in I see since I was up from 4:30am”
him “But you sit around at home all day” [me boiling over at that statement]
me “We agreed you would pull your weight on weekends and you are tired from drinking doubles tonight NOT from waking up at 6am my friend”
him: “You are the mother and it is your job” Job??? JOB???? It is my greatest pleasure but a little help would do wonders for my sanity sunshine!!!!! Now I am FUMING MAD!!
At this point I decide that the only way he will learn is if I actually leave the room so I pack up my pillows and replied “My Job???? Lets see how you feel about that when I sleep in the other room dearest… You WILL look after your son tonight as I am giving myself the night off!!!!”
And there you have it – off I went to the spareroom to what I thought would be the greatest sleep ever but there I lay, waking up every half hour worrying that he would snore his head off after drinking and forget that I wasn’t there to tend to Trent (p.s. Trent sleeps in a little crib on my side of the bed -not in the bed). It was PURE torture for me to not go in and check if all was well and the only reason I did not do it was because I did not want him to tell me “Your turn now” I was in the midst of teaching him a lesson and all that good stuff. Anyhoo 4:30am I just couldn’t sleep anymore so went through to check on him and realised that I had missed him so much I told DH he can go sleep in the spareroom. Granted I did not get to sleep again until that afternoon but I was so much happier knowing my son was near. Lesson learnt? You betchya!!! Saturday afternoon Sharks vs Lions game at the club and everybody was going to watch. Of course we had plans of going through as well. Now you may remember in earlier posts how much DH went out and drank while I was pregnant and in fact once or twice since I had given birth (early days when I simply couldn’t join him). Well he nearly blew me clear away when he said to me early Saturday afternoon that he really did not feel like going out and drinking and would prefer to stay home!!!!!!??????? OMFW!!!! So I’m guessing he learnt a very good lesson the previous night – that it is NOT easy getting up every five minutes and having a broken sleep. He certainly woke up with a new kind’ve respect for me and at the same time realised that if he wants to go out and play there are limits and that I refuse to be left at home so if he goes we all go!! I hate to gloat but shit I’m proud of me ….[dusts hands] That’s one in the can thank you very much.

A little on Trent:
He is growing in leaps and bounds and I am actually taking him to the paed late this afternoon. His eye infection has STILL not cleared up and its really worrying me. Then we have had a couple of very croupy sounding coughs (sound like they really hurt) and this is not something I wish to play around with. Nighttime is still pretty hard for me since we are doing 9pm, 12:30am and 3:30am (this last one he often stays awake until 7am). Sometimes I wonder if Nan even fills him up …. he is such a hungry little boy. Today I started him on a little baby Rooibos and he loved it so this will now become his inbetween-bottle-when-he-thinks-he-is-still-hungry drink. One more thing I would like to discuss is his terrible crampiness at night. When he is finished drinking he moans and grunts for such a long time (even after being winded), after a while he will either let off wind or pass a stool and then he is fine. I have telement, I have the mixture from the pharmacy and I also use gripe water (5ml’s before a bottle) so not sure what I can do to help him. He doesn’t cry at all as he is just not a crier – in fact everybody always comments on how peaceful and happy he is. He also has nappy rash just around the centre which looks like really painful little blisters that bleed. I have tried topical ointment, bepanthen, leaving nappy off etc but again this is something I need to discuss with the paed this afternoon. The problem is that every nappy is still a dirty nappy and his stools are still very loose even though he is now getting more formula than breastmilk (probably gets two bottles of 150ml breastmilk in a 24 hour period). Any home remedies are most welcome ladies so feel free to give me yours.

Here are some of his latest pictures:

Mommy’s little shark baby


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