Breastfeeding Pro’s and Cons

Okay so here I am writing a post I really hoped I would not write because while pregnant I was so determined to give breastfeeding my all no matter what. But here I sit, a constant battle going on inside my head about which path to choose going forward. Breast or Bottle?

Perhaps I should list the pro’s and con’s I have had with breastfeeding:

– The weight loss is a complete bonus!
– The closeness I feel to my son is amazing.
– I feel a sense of power in knowing that my body is sustaining this precious life.
– That time is ours and ours alone and perfect for bonding.
– I have milk on tap, the right amount and the perfect temperature.

– Sadly I have a little boy to bites and fusses at the breast and twists his head around, taking my nipple with him in the process, causing me great pain whereby I have to stick a finger in the corner of his mouth to break the suction on many occassions. There are times, however that he will sit and nurse quietly and I have absolutely no pain but these times are not all that often. Why is he doing this? Is it because sometimes he gets the bottle and he feels its just too much hard work now to get milk from the breast? Either way this is very stressful for me. P.S (it is not something in my diet because sometimes I then take him off the breast and rather express his feed and he will very quietly and calmly drink the whole bottle with no gassiness or pain).
– I feel like I am kind’ve limited in where I can go as I am not one to breastfeed in public.
– He stretches his feeds out so much that what is supposed to be a 10 minute feed per side turns into an hour or two’s feeding session because he loses interest or falls asleep and I have to try work back the couple of minutes he nursed for then when he wakes, add on a few more minutes and so it goes on. I would love if he were hungry that he completed his feed in half an hour, burping included but I know that this is not always possible and babies have their own ideas.

I know you would all tell me to just go with what I feel happy with in the end but I am just so confused at the moment because I really really want breastfeeding to work out but surely I am supposed to get some sort of enjoyment out of it?? I am so worried that I go onto bottles and regret my decision but there would be no turning back once my milk has dried. I have good days and bad days. The day before yesterday was perfect – he would feed like a little angel and I would feel proud at the end of the day that I had it all figured out. Then yesterday comes along and I end up stressed and with very painful nipples from him clamping down on them, pulling them, grunting, groaning and fighting me every step of the way. By last night I was sure I wanted to give it up. Roll on this morning and he has the perfect feed on both sides, no pain, no pulling or fussing – just an angelic little face drinking quietly and then going for a long sleep completely satisfied … [insert BIG sigh here]

To strike off a few potential questions – yes I have AMPLE milk supply because when I express I only do 10 minutes per side and can yield up to 175ml – (besides the fact that I woke this morning with drenched Pj’s over right breast). The paed was very happy with my volume and told me I definately don’t have supply problems. Jahni – you mentioned N would pull away if your milk came in while she was nursing? This does not happen with T so I doubt my let-down is strong enough to bother him.

Any clues as to how I can stop this behaviour or what could be causing it would really help and I would be inclined to perservere but sadly if it continues I am not sure I can take the pain or the frustration.

P.S (still haven’t had a chance to see a lactation consultant as yet)



~ by irene0211 on August 1, 2009.

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