Finally – My Update

Okay this could take a while as I have a bit to report back on….

I am not sure where to start but we have already done 2 clinic visits and 1 paed visit (yesterday). He has had an eye infection which the paed gave me medicine for yesterday and also some saline spray for his nose as his nose is blocked. Apart from that he is now nearly 1 month and we are both starting to settle into a bit of a routine. Night times however can be a complete different story. Last night was brilliant because he went down at 9pm and only woke at 3am where he drank his full bottle of 125ml, burped and went straight back to sleep. These nights are few and far between however since he mostly prefers to keep me up all night hehe.
He poops and pees like a champ – I mean EVERY single nappy is full of poo and pee – never mind the farting … he could put others in this house to shame. In fact sometimes I can’t help laughing because he farts a little too loud and gives himself such a fright he nearly jumps through the roof!! hehe

He is now weighing a very healthy 4.9kg’s and my breastmilk is still ample for him. I was advised by the paed yesterday however, that if I want to continue breastfeeding then I should only give one bottle of formula at night and not two as I have been doing. So I will give the formula at the 10pm or 12 midnight feed and when he wakes at around 4:30am I must breastfeed.

On Friday 17 July we took Trent for a lovely photo shoot (pics to follow).
On Monday 20th July a lady came to the house to take a mould of his hands and feet and I will have them in 4 to 6 weeks (can’t wait).

My Recovery:
I am feeling strong and healthy now but must admit that all the comments I had read that your c/s is better after the second day did not hold true for me as I felt I was in a lot of pain for at least the first 10 days. In fact I was walking doubled over for the first 7 days and sometimes needed a hand to stand from a sitting position. This could have been because sometimes I forgot to take my painkillers because once I took them I felt a damn sight better. I had a bit of a relapse on the Monday after coming home and was booked into hospital where they were going to do immediate surgery on my …… ass area – yes a hemmoroidectomy!! Now I had this operation about 4 years ago and would never ever contemplate doing it again ESPECIALLY when I have a newborn baby to look after. They thought that hemmoroids were causing a blockage which was preventing me well …. doing as nature intended. I was so distraught in the hospital I just cried all afternoon but eventually I went to the toilet and through sheer will I managed to just let go and said a prayer of thanks then and there!! Dr still wanted me to stay overnight and I begged him to let me out and promised him I was cured – shooo – close call. Let me tell you my last surgery took me a month to recover from and every day was sheer agony. Well thank goodness I am now completely recovered albeit a little itchy over c/s scar.

Other than that I am down 13 kg’s already and I am thrilled considering its only been three weeks. I am still eating badly but am slowly changing my habits to include lots of veg and salads. I also promise to cut back on the coke …. tomorrow !!

Below I have included quite a lot of pictures of Trents photo shoot for my mom’s viewing pleasure.



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