Appointment today – 3 More sleeps!!!

Last night was a very restless night due to bad cramps and I really thought this was it – even when I did manage to sleep all I could dream about was the birth. I woke this morning to bad menstrual cramps and couldn’t wait to have a hot bath to see if it got worse. Well the bath made my skin all pink but took the cramps away completely!! hehe … Oh well its only three more days – I’ve waited this long haven’t I?

Dr’s visit went well – he did a steroid shot and I am getting another tomorrow – he says its just an extra precaution because we are not sure of my exact dates due to my screwed up cycles before falling pregnant. I won’t complain about extra caution because him and I have actually developed a very good dr / patient relationship and I trust him fully. Baby was looking pretty cramped up in there so for his sake Im really glad he can stretch out soon. I asked dr. to give me a weight estimation and again he said that after they get to 3kg’s its not accurate but that his scanner was saying 4kg’s!!! I certainly hope thats off although he really didn’t put much stock in that figure – I think at the most baby will probably weigh 3.8kg’s but we will wait and see.. he is what he is afterall. Dr was nice enough when I was walking out to tell me to make sure his receptionist puts me at the front of the queue on Monday as I believe its quite a busy day. I really hope I don’t have to share a room with other mommies but that’s minor.

I have been so excited about every little twinge I am feeling but in all honesty I prefer for baby to come on Monday because I want to spend a very special weekend with my girls and hubby… doing things like going out for a nice Sunday meal, baking (which Im doing right now – myself and Morgan have just put some chocolate muffins in the oven). I want to repack my bags for the last time, do one more check of baby’s cupboards and make sure both my digital camera and my video camera are properly charged (even though I charged them a week ago). I need to also make a list of ppl hubby must sms on Monday incl. Tammi and Marthie if you don’t mind updating the forum for me? I will take a pic from my cell phone and email it to one of you as well (oops … the control freak in me is planning again *blush*) hehe can’t be helped 😀

Anyhooooo thats all from my side for now … until tomorrow … Peace out cyber sista’s …



~ by irene0211 on July 3, 2009.

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