I must admit to feeling very uninspired lately and I assume it just comes with the territory of being very late in pregnancy and uncomfortable. Coupled with the fact that I sit on my bed with laptop and its not very comfortable. I really need a proper desk like I have at work so I can be a good little blogger but then again I only have a few days left …. I can’t believe that on Monday I will have my cute little bean in my arms and I can finally get to look at him. I’m also so excited for the girls to meet him – they certainly have waited a long time, especially the little one.
I have my last app. on Friday and dr. still wants me to go and get the steroid inject tomorrow so he can give it to me at the app. I am not sure why but like I have always said his dates were always a little behind mine and he wants to be extra cautious that he is not taking baby out too soon even though he told me there was a chance of my going into labour this week after looking at all the signs on the scan. *sigh* what do I know – but I do like that he is careful.

A very strange thing happened on Sunday – I developed a cluster of about 5 small fever blisters on my lip and I NEVER get fever blisters except maybe once or twice in my whole life. The first time I was pregnant with DD and another time but it seems to be when my system is so run down and considering I have just got over some bad flu I guess its understandable but still freaks me out either way.

Yesterday the bikini wax did not go according to plan either and she was halfway done when I told her not to even contemplate trying to finish. Firstly it was pure agony (a first for me) and secondly my blood pressure was dropping at a very fast rate due to lying on my back. I felt like I was going to throw up all over the room. After I got up she sat me in a comfortable chair and gave me some iced tea – wouldn’t let me drive home either until I was feeling better. So here I sit with a half waxed …..! I will just have to use a bit of baby powder and razor on Sunday before I go in – its not like they’re going to be worrying about any 5 o’ clock shadows on one side when they are (hopefully) more interested in keeping me alive hehe.

My sis and bil came to see me on Monday and brought the cot and some other bits and pieces. It was really great to see them again and she couldn’t believe how big my tummy is now. My little nephew Brett is also soooo adorable and I really wish we could have spent longer with them but they were headed back to Jhb so hopefully after baby arrives we can make a plan to see them again.

DH and I were at eachother’s throats last night and again I think I’m just walking on a tightrope because of the whole birth on Monday. I have been crying a lot this past week and emotions are just all over the place. I am wanting more sympathy from him, more telling me to relax and put my feet up while he cooks supper, more of everything and I just don’t know what but sometimes I really do feel that men can be emotionally cripple. Why can he not just be at my beck and call for this last week? Am I asking too much?

I am so damn heavy now and to stand and cook in the kitchen is becoming very uncomfortable because when I stand for any length of time baby’s head seems to press on a nerve and cause pain to shoot through my legs. I am completely clumsy now when getting up and down and almost need to send a scout before me through the house to make sure there are no toys or hazzards before I drag this big body down the passage since I can barely see anything past my tummy anymore. Bathing is something I love and I refuse to shower especially now that its colder but even that favourite passtime is becoming challenging for me – the getting in and out is a whole planning process in itself. I am getting a lot more BH’s now and a lot of period type pains and every time I feel it I hope and pray that this is the beginning. I know I’m going in on Monday but to labour first would mean to me that baby was ready to come and his starsign and birth date was actually his choosing and not mine.

Anyway after the cot arrived I finally managed to finish the room. The room has a shower en-suite which is great for storing the baby bath and for filling and emptying it. There are just a couple of areas where I still need to put wallpaper but for the most part I am more ready than I will ever be…. to add to that … um …
I am so embarrassed about my holiday luggage that I have given DH strict instructions that it is only to be brought in after baby has been born as I refuse to go into hospital at 6am in the morning with all my luggage and have the receptionist think I have lost my way and direct me to the beach holiday resort down the road ;o)


~ by irene0211 on July 1, 2009.

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