Great Progress Today

Hello world

On the flu front I’m starting to feel human again – however I am now dealing with the phlem on the chest which normally hangs on for a while. I’m still getting the very dry sore throat around 2am / 3am every morning but thankfully last night I managed to go straight back to sleep after nursing my throat. It’s amazing how my peaceful nights sleeps have so drastically changed. I toss and turn all night and when I am sleeping I am dreaming about the baby being born or the ladies on the board that I chat to. One dream my husband actually had the baby and I stood next to the bed taking pictures of him recovering from general and holding the baby close to his chest (grrrrrr) I tell you I felt soooo robbed being there in his position!!!! I have also been dreaming of very rough sea’s and being in a glass building where a huge big wave is bearing down on us and grows to higher than the building itself (scary shit I tell you – pure fear). I have looked at my dream book for guidance and it seems that it just has a lot to do with turmoil, fear etc. and I can only assume that with the impending arrival of my little boy I am really getting nervous and sub-conciously the birth is a very real worry to me.

Onto the gynae visit today – to say I just about skipped back to my car after the app. is an understatement and although I know in posts when I was early to mid pregnancy I bitched and moaned about him – I have actually come to understand and respect him and see the errors of my ways – he really is a nice guy and today we even had a chat about a documentary he saw the other day re. Nostradamus. Anyhooo moving swiftly along ….. while I was getting ready for the scan I asked him if he would consider doing my c/s on Monday 6th instead of Thursday 9th and before he would commit he did the scan and checked baby’s size. When we went back into the office he said he would change the date to the 6th and I quote “if I make it to then as I think you may go into labour before then” ….. wow…..! He said my fluid was full of vernex so baby looks “ready”. I went straight to hubby’s work and told him the good news and everyone was so excited. Shortly after that I collected Morgan from school and we went to the mall as I needed to return some items but strangely enough I was getting plenty of mild contractions the whole time with a very bad period pain type feeling low down. We were shopping literally an hour and I had to make 5 toilet trips due to the pressure I am suddenly feeling which I can only put down to baby’s head having dropped (something I forgot to ask dr). I then took her to Wimpy and I thought sitting down would ease the cramps but no such luck – even on the half hour drive home the cramps just continued. Yes – there was a teeny bit of excitement that this was, in fact it.
After collecting Kaylah we arrived home and she ran a wonderful hot bubble bath for me and made me a cup of coffee. Before I got in the bath I felt I needed a number 2 so off I went to the toilet and can you believe that I actually had the runs??? Good sign right? Especially if you consider that chronic constipation has been my constant companion since day dot of this pregnancy with the only exceptions being after a spoon of Agiolax – again my excitement mounted as this too is a sign that labour is approaching. Of course we all know that if it is true labour a hot bath would prove it beyond a doubt but this hot bath? Well …. it took every single little twinge completely away and I have felt absolutely nothing since :o(( Dis-a-pointing!!!!! Oh well …. I do know that something is happening in there because yesterday and today these b/h’s have made me stop and pay attention. Either way I am still going to meet him earlier than I was before my app. this morning :o)

I have posted some pics that my daughter took today as I feel I need to take as many now as I can since this belly could very well be gone soon. Please forgive the tired eyes but this is a by-product of flu coupled with usual late 3rd trimester fatigue.


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