It’s official!!! I’m carrying a little Buddha

Okay so this morning I get a call from my dr. asking if I can come in for a check-up at short notice because there is a new 3D / 4D scanner doing the rounds in town and between the local dr’s they each get to try it out for a week or so before committing to buying it. Dr. is trying to book all his patients in this week so we can all get a turn on it. I was lucky number 1 and considering he didn’t really know how to work the thing I really got some clear shots.
At one point, however, my blood pressure took a dive and he had to quickly put me on my left side before I passed out. My skin was completely wet and I could hardly hear the conversation in the room. But after coming right we got straight back to work. Another good thing is that baby’s head is semi-engaged – yay!!!! Min dae!!

Unfortunately I only have two because dr was so confused with how the machine worked and I had a splitting headache from the dips in my blood pressure so just wanted to get up.
Here are the pics:


~ by irene0211 on June 11, 2009.

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