Morgan Jade – A birth story

Before I start on the birth I wanted to post a picture of my belly then and now:

Then at 36wks

Now at 34wks

I decided since I have been looking at my daughter’s birth photo’s a lot lately that I would do a post on her birthday. I was booked in for a c/s on Monday 9 June 2003 but found myself being extremely emotional the weekend before this date and shortly after lunch on Sunday afternoon I started getting labour-type cramps. I was, of course, busy blow-drying my hair and doing some last minute make-overs so absolutely refused to believe that this was in fact it. I remember telling my husband I would not go to the hospital as I wanted to look good for the photo’s and I continued blow-drying my hair. Needless to say I had to keep stopping the hairdryer and doubling over in pain until the contraction passed. Hubby was by this stage, pacing up and down the room and telling me to call the midwife – which I decided at that point it was best to do. Straight to the hospital she advised – you are in labour and we need to get you prepped for your c/s. So off we went nervous as all hell and the pain gradually getting so bad that by the time I was in the hospital bed with the monitors on me I could not communicate at all through the contraction.

They had a fine time trying to get the spinal block done since my contractions were by that stage coming so close they would just get ready to put the needle in and I would have to tell them I was having another contraction.
It all worked out in the end but both hubby and I were so damn nervous God only knows how he managed to take the photo’s that he did.

Below are a few pictures of the birth and one or two of her a few weeks afterwards.

Winnie the Pooh theme

Her Head is born

First big cry

Bless this little face!!!!

Wow – 3.6kg’s!!

Mommy content and in love

Mom and Dad amazed at what we grew

Sucking her thumb

My heart is no longer my own ..


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