Sister Love

Jahni inspired me to do a post about sister love. Not so much a post but pictures of our lives together …. amazing how deceiving these pictures are however – since we look blisfully happy…. but the minute mom’s back was turned it was back to kicking, scratching, shouting – basically everything short of killing..

Still love you chez – you’re my favourite sister in the whole world ;o)

I am the short one with the bloomers on show

I am the unfortunate one with the spider on her head

School days

Primary School play “The Wizzard of Oz” We were both good witches – I am in the blue

…and a fairly recent pic of the two of us enjoying a glass or 10 of wine.

While Im at it I feel the need to add a picture of me some years ago before falling pregnant with my youngest daughter …. and I often wonder to myself – will that ever be me again or have I simply reached my sell-by date?


~ by irene0211 on June 1, 2009.

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