Update on Dad…..

Well I spoke to my mom last night and this morning and although she tried to explain everything to me her medical terminology is not great so will try as best I can to update with what I know.

My mom was thankfully allowed in while my dad had all sorts of tests done yesterday including an ECG. The dr. showed my mom the heartbeat would beat normally and then stop repeatedly. He also did a sonar of the arteries in the neck and the left side seems to be partially obstructed with fatty tissue, although dr’s words to my mother were that in my dad’s case it was not severe. He showed my mom the difference in the left and right arteries in the neck and she could see the lumps on the left side, which obviously interfere with bloodflow. He also put my dad on the treadmill but since my dad was so out of breath he could only manage 2 minutes – dr. wants him on for longer in order to do a more accurate assessment so he will possibly do a repeat today. After the tests my dad was put into ICU and was told that today there will be a lot more testing done and they would perhaps look at shocking the heart.
As things stand now I am not sure when he will be released but the earliest will be tomorrow if all goes well.

Once again I ask that you keep him in your prayers – I know that he is in excellent hands with this dr but the rest is up to God.

Thank you to all of you for your offers of help, kind words and well-wishes … it brings tears to my eyes what an amazing group of girls I have met.

11:30am UPDATE:
Seems things are a little more complicated than we thought. The drip in my dad’s arm has burst so they had to cut into his groin (6 stitches) and insert the drip there. There is a cocktail of medicine in the drip to break down the clots but the dr. told my mom that the medicine he tried is not working so he has to go onto plan B and try something else. Damn it sucks being 7 hours away – I just wish I could be there for him :o(

It also seems that my dad has both supraventricular and ventricular arrhythmias which means that both the upper and lower chambers are affected.


~ by irene0211 on May 28, 2009.

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