33 Weeks today!!

Wow – who would have ever thought I would reach this point so soon. Over the last few days its dawned on me and suddenly I will just stop in my tracks and pure terror will wash over me at the thought of the actual birth and life thereafter.
Will my c/s go according to plan or will I end up being a statistic?
Will my baby be “normal” and will he be able to see and hear?
Will he have colic?
Will I be able to breastfeed?
Will he like me?
Will I find a nice name (something I am nowhere near doing)?
Will I last until the actual c/s date? I have the same gut instinct that I did with my daughters that this baby will not wait until then – will I make it to the hospital in time or go into labour and be faced with a home VBAC??
Will his room be finished in time?

HOLY CRAP – Im a mess aren’t I??? And now I have a splitting headache.

Apart from all those questions plaguing me I am still sleeping very well at night – except for the frequent bathroom trips. For the last few years I have had such interrupted sleeps and once woken cannot go back to sleep easily at all. I suddenly find myself returning from the toilet and sleeping soundly the minute my head hits the pillow. I’m loving it!!! I’m relishing it!! because I know in a few short weeks baby will be making his tiny little presence felt throughout the house at all hours of the morning. Bless him! – as much as it all terrifies me I feel like a kid before christmas – I know my present is under the tree and I WANT IT NOW – I can’t wait to meet you little man …. just please promise me that you will not give me any unexpected surprises until your room and everything else is ready for you…


~ by irene0211 on May 26, 2009.

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