Bad Mood Rising!!

Okay to start off, my mood is extremely grouchy today and I can’t quite place my finger on why but I certainly will try.

1. Fkng pissed off that Adam did not win Idols last night which actually caused me to have nightmares – I mean WTF?? Surely he had a much bigger following than Kris?? First contribution to bad morning mood.

2. DH normally makes me breakfast every morning or never fails to ask what I want for breakfast which I know is very nice of him but shit I make him supper every night so its fair (and he’s ready long before I am). He knows that on a Monday and Friday morning I am rushed because we have a briefing session on these days at 7:45am so I have to get to work a little earlier than normal. Well I walk into the kitchen today and no husband – so look in the lounge and find him with his feet up on the table, having just finished a bowl of chocolate flavoured oat-so-easy. My breakfast? nowhere in sight. Now Im running late and still have to do Morgan’s hair and make sure she brushes her teeth etc. and only then can I worry about my make-up and blow drying my hair. So I become somewhat unreasonable and when he realises Im pissed off he quickly offers to make me breakfast and I refuse his help and tell him I don’t want second hand offers thanks I’ll rather do it myself. I then call my teen daughter in front of him and ask her to please grate some cheese onto toast for me while I continue getting ready – of course this pisses him off a little which was clearly my intention. Needless to say he left for work without saying goodbye to me. Second contribution to bad morning mood.

3. My sunglasses broke yesterday and I have such a problem driving in the morning sun without sunglasses on. I have a new pair I have not yet worn that were still in the case. This case was left in the kitchen after I bought them a month ago and I hadn’t touched them since. So on top of my stormy mood this morning I start searching for the elusive sunglasses and ask my maid where she put them (probably that bottomless pit that we have in our house where everything falls into you know the one?). She can’t remember where they are, I start running late, so I just storm out the house and once in the car put on my glasses with one arm missing – looking like a complete hillbilly!! Third contribution to bad morning mood.

4. Get to work – stormy cloud now a gloomy drizzle over my head as I grit my teeth through my boss asking for a fucking cup of tea before I have even managed to unlock my office door!!!!! Fourth contribution to bad morning mood.

5. Cherry on top? Having to sit through this briefing session acting like I really wanted to be around these annoying people that were all in such a good mood. One woman in particular who had a serious case of verbal diarrhoea and thought we all got an immense amount of pleasure hearing about how someone in her house vomited up all their rice during the night and that she had never seen this much rice in her life. yea yea yea alright already – now can we please finish this pointless fucking meeting so I can go crawl into my own hole and wallow in self-pity. Not to be sadly because said woman and colleague decided to bring their smiley faces to my office door after the meeting and have a good ol’ chat about my pregnancy. Hmmm …. breaking a smile felt like I was chipping through concrete but of course I managed (ever the professional) – I mean Im not that much of a bitch even though some really evil thoughts were going through my mind at the time…

[Insert DEEEEP breath here]

I feel sooooooo much better now – see? Its out now but I can say this. All of the above were just triggers to a much bigger picture. I guess you could say I am just having a totally self-centred, ungrateful, pregnancy induced bad day and I refuse to apologise for it – not yet anyway.
This waking up in the morning when it is still dark is getting to me so much lately. I find it harder and harder to see the humour in the fact that I get up in the dark, back up this truck size body into a bath, hoping against hope that I don’t slip and flood the bathroom or worse (nevermind the torture of lying down to wash my hair). Then putting on make-up and blow drying hair when all I want to do is go to work for once without having to go through the pain of looking decent. The best part? Getting dressed in one of three remaining outfits that still fits me [note that weekend and work wardrobe are now one and the same as I refuse to spend any more money on maternity clothes – besides the fact that I would probably have to go to a parachute shop] “No thanks, no need to cut to size – I’ll take the whole chute – that should fit”

Yea yea ….. build a bridge and get over it you might be saying and in all honesty I agree completely since this is not like me at all but please give me one day to act like a spoilt brat – thats all I ask. I guess it also just dawned on me yesterday when I got my maternity leave form signed, that I still have another month of this torturous routine before my leave on 25 June. Of course by Monday I’ll be fine again since a new week has begun and shall soon be behind me…. roll on July


~ by irene0211 on May 22, 2009.

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