Just a quickie

Before I get started – ONLY 49 DAYS TO GO!!!!!!!!!!! WOOT WOOT

Okay first of all my three packages arrived yesterday from England – from hubby’s aunt and cousins. One for each of my girls and and nice fat one for baby. OMW!!! What beautiful quality outfits. They really sent such cute little things! He got five little outfits in total – two beautiful blue blankies/spoeg doeks and lots of very cute brightly coloured socks.
I will post a pic tomorrow. There is apparently another parcel arriving any day now for baby as well but I have been told it is for after he is born – hehehe – think I can wait? doop-de-doop….

Sunday hubby put the shelves up in baby’s room and I’m really happy with the result. See below:

Onto more good news – I had the finger prick test done today at the clinic in the pharmacy and she decided to just do the pee stick at the same time. There was zero trace of sugar in my urine and my sugar level was 4.1 after not eating or drinking for 2 hours. I called the dr. and told his assistant and she spoke to him and called me back to say that he was happy with that but I must just be a little more careful with my diet. I am so relieved its nothing to worry about.

Its hometime now – Yippee …. til next time


~ by irene0211 on May 20, 2009.

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