Celebrations and Concerns


Firstly I had my baby shower on Saturday and it was wonderful – all of my friends came to celebrate and even some ladies from work which I was not expecting. I did miss having family there and I am still getting a nice parcel from an Aunt in England, my sister and my mom so this baby really is going to be spoilt…

Here are the pics:

My cute chocolate cake

Big white tummy

My wonderful buddies

Wet icing sugar and smarties (no wonder there was glucose in my urine at dr. yesterday)

In the picture below I forgot to add all the nappies I got and a few more odds and ends but this is a large part of the stuff

So yesterday I went for my monthly check-up and was told by dr. that I have lots of glucose in my urine. I had to sit through a 10 minute speech on how bad sugar is for baby as hubby ratted on me and told him that I drink lots of coke and eat lots of chocolate. He was not happy at all and now wants me to do that 2 hour glucose test to make sure there is no need for concern. Basically I have to wait until he gets his machine back from another dr’s house and then we can do it so I fail to see that there is any kind of urgency on his side or he would have sent me elsewhere to get it done sooner rather than later. The last thing I need right now is gestational diabetes so although I know this particular dr. gets very excitable about weight gain and now this sugar intake I have decided to rather heed his advice and put my coke and chocolate addiction to bed (boo hooo).
We did the scan thereafter and baby looks very healthy – he was actually sleeping which is a first when I go for scans as he is normally wide awake and jumping all over the place. Dr showed us his lens though and it was moving furiously which we were told was rapid eye movement. Cute little man was obviously dreaming as his arm was twitching as well – God only knows what there could possibly be to dream about when your world consists of a couple of fingers, toes and a cord in a dark water-filled room.
He is weighing 2kg’s according to dr’s measurements and once again I was told that he is slightly overweight which could be due to my sugar problem, and he should be around 1.8kg’s. Now the problem with that is this.. I know for a fact this dr. has my dates a little behind what they should be and even though every scan I go to proves that I am right on 32 weeks he still insists on going by the very first scan he did which says I’m around 30wks. This would mean that I ovulated almost a month after my LMP?? No chance in hell thats even possible. The funny thing is that with both my girls I felt the dr’s dates were wrong and I had myself 2 weeks further along – well guess what? they both came two weeks earlier, on my predicted dates as opposed to the dr’s. This brings me onto my next concern – the c/s date is 9 July but according to me my due date is 14 July – which means I could go into labour before my c/s date just like I did with my daughter due to incorrect dates. Hey not that Im complaining but I have told the dr. that this is a possibility and he better make sure he is in town around that time and available 24-7….!

As far as the weight gain goes – I have, thusfar picked up 14kg’s which I admit, is a little more than I anticipated since I still have just short of two months left. Thank God I do not get weighed at the dr. cause he would have me feeling really bad about that too. My attitude? Que Sera Sera (Whatever will be, will be)


~ by irene0211 on May 19, 2009.

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