No Balls No Testosterone?

Before I start I must state that I am not a fan AT ALL of dogs being in my house as I can’t stand the distinct dog smell that they leave. Big outside dogs can stay outside except on weekends when we are around the house inside and outside and the doors are open. I make exceptions for small dogs like my beloved yorkie of course … and then there is Oscar the kind’ve inside kind’ve outside dog…..

Yesterday mommy took Oscar for the chop … poor little thing. I must say hubby was a little devestated at the prospect but I guess that’s just a man thing as they tend to put themselves in doggy’s testosterone-filled boots. In fact – for a while there hubby started giving me side-long nervous glances hehehe.

Well the problem has been this – Oscar is just starting to come into his own at nearly a year old and I have been having such hassles with him peeing ALL over the house and I mean AAALLL over!! His favourite place? Up against our toilets. Damn! Now Im sorry but a pregnant, nesting woman and dog piss all over the house do not go well together (and I might add that three weeks ago he lifted his leg on baby’s brand new car chair). That was the last straw. Apart from the fact that he started cowering for me because of all the times I rubbed his nose in the pee, gave him a smack then booted his cheeky little ass outside. Well after the pee on the baby chair he was no longer welcome in the house, not even for a 5 minute hello session because the minute he got inside he went about marking his territory – including on my daughter’s school bag! Winter is upon us and although it is not cold on the KZN coastline hubby did not want his precious dog sleeping outside at night so this started causing bitter fights between us… Yes … over a dog!!!
I decided to grab the bull by the “balls” and book him for a chop because I was simply not winning this battle of me wanting him outside and hubby wanting him inside.
I collected him yesterday afternoon and poor Oscar looked ever so forlorn and very drowsy. I have bought “Get-Off” spray as well since I know its still a good six weeks before the last of the testosterone works its way out his body. He slept inside last night of course because we all felt very sorry for him but next thing I know hubby has him up on our bed. I just can’t win!! I explained to hubby that we need to enforce these rules before baby comes or he will see baby as the enemy. He is not gentle when jumping on the kids or on the bed and what if baby is lying on the bed with us and Oscar jumps up on him and hurts him???? Well I won and he was immediately removed.

The good news is that I sprayed that “Get Off” spray around both toilets and when hubby saw him walking into our toilet (obviously to his usual pee spot) he spied on him from the doorway and witnessed Oscar smelling around for somewhere to wee and when encountering the very strong Citronella smell, shaking his head and backing the hell away. hehehe … Sorry but sometimes we just have to be cruel to be kind.


~ by irene0211 on May 15, 2009.

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