Nausea rearing its ugly head again

I haven’t posted much on the nausea but I have definately noticed in the last 2 weeks that it seems to coming back. Its not the same kind as the first trimester nausea but its by no means pleasant. I am starting to have an aversion to certain types of food again and I mean rich foods and most especially cheese. I had a cheese roll this morning and now Im really feeling like I could just throw up. With the nausea I suddenly seem to have become very loose in my joints and feel like I’ve been doing leg exercises at the gym. My inner thighs are starting to ache when I get up from a sitting position and my lower back also feels tender … like its just loosened up a lot (if that makes any sense). Coke which has become a total addiction throughout this pregnancy is suddenly leaving a very metalic taste in my mouth as is my next favourite – coffee (decaf). Yesterday I had a piece of dry wors at work at about 12 noon and it made me feel so sick that I didn’t eat again. When I dished up dinner for hubby and kids he asked me why I’m not eating and I told him I was not hungry and would eat later. When he returned at 8:30pm from his meeting he asked me if I had eaten and I had still not – which trust me… for me is veeery surprising. I was still awake at 9:30pm and started getting the beginnings of a grumbly stomach so decided to dish up a very small helping of macaronni (avoiding the cheese of course).

I just don’t know if this is how it was at the end with Morgan because I didn’t keep any record. My multi-vitamins ran out two days ago and I replaced them this morning so I was wondering if it was because of that but I seriously doubt two days can make that much difference.

I guess what Im looking for here is that its all related to something, anything EXCEPT normal third trimester symptoms… please !!! somebody tell me its temporary – I can’t bear the thought of feeling like this for another 7 weeks!! My poor family!!

Just a quick note too that I am experiencing so many contractions as of late. Painless but the hardening does stop me in my tracks and send me straight to the loo as it seems to have an immediate effect on my bladder. This is most embarrassing when I am walking through the casino in front of all the guests and can’t just stop and wait it out – no I have to put on a smile like a good employee and walk like there is nothing to it….


~ by irene0211 on May 14, 2009.

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