Happy Mothers Day

A very happy mother’s day to all mother’s out there!! I am sad I did not get to spend the day with my mother but unfortunately she just stays too far :o(.

I was woken yesterday with some nice skin care products, a “mom” trophy, coffee and breakfast in bed so it was wonderful – oh and my younger daughter went out with her grand-dad and picked me some wild flowers which were really beautiful. Then we all went out to lunch to a place called “the Treehouse” at a country lodge. Really beautiful because it was literally like we were sitting in a treehouse. All in all it really was nice family day that left me feeling all warm and fuzzy.

Regarding my previous post – yes it turns out my iron levels were low so dr. has put me on iron pills which I started on Friday and I must say I already feel an improvement.

Baby seems to have suddenly grown again as I have noticed over the last week, along with the kicks I am now getting definate body parts protruding out and because its still a new thing I get so excited and immediately put my hand there and rub whatever body part it may be. I find that sometimes when I lie on my side he kicks the bed or tickles me so hard that I jump and burst out laughing. Well hubby thinks I’ve lost the plot but I told him to try imagine getting your ribs tickled from the inside. I’m so in love with this little boy and often find myself grinning stupidly while rubbing my tummy whenever I feel him moving around in there. I can’t wait for my appointment on Monday next week so I firstly see him again and secondly figure out which way he’s lying which will give me more of an idea of what body parts the lumps are. I am assuming that by then (32 weeks) he may have settled into the position he will stay in until the end.

I am really battling with sleepless nights now and sometimes wake up in a sweat because of this constant worry of not having the room organised. I am even starting to worry about my hospital bag not being packed and that there is still stuff I need to buy for myself to put in the bag – in fact I need to buy the bag itself since I have no decent kit bags. Baby’s bag I also need to buy but I’m really looking for one that can be worn as a backpack and I won’t just settle for anything.

My stork party is also coming up on Saturday and can you believe I am having horrible dreams that nobody rocks up!! I’m such a control freak that I have even gone ahead and chosen / ordered my own cake because I am worried a cake will not be organised. I am paying for the platters of food myself and want to know exactly what is going onto the platters etc. I do have a very good friend who is taking care of it all but I just can’t help sticking my nose in!! I am very sorry, however, that my family will not be here as this will be the first baby I am having without family around and its hard. My sister is due to come in the next few weeks and I only wish that it was the weekend of my stork party so I can brag about my little nephew who is absolutely adorable. I know …. take a deep breath and relax – everything will fall into place but honestly – Have you ever known a pregnant woman who does not stress on details such as these – ESPECIALLY WHEN THERE ARE ONLY 8 WEEKS LEFT??? HOLY CRAP!@!!!!!!!!


~ by irene0211 on May 11, 2009.

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