Going to see my boy today

Well today I have a dr’s appointment to look forward to and I really can’t wait to see how my little boy has grown. I must just remember to ask him to check the weight or he won’t do it. Another problem is that the last appointment I went to the dr. forgot to press record and when I got home and wanted to show the scan to my girls there was nothing recorded grrrrrrrr!!!!! Damn he’s scatty but I’m safe in the knowledge that he is the best when it comes to my c/s. I guess I just have to turn a blind eye to his weird bedside manner.

Apart from that I have, over the last three weeks started developing nighttime leg cramps and I mean the really bad one’s that lock up your calf muscles. From lots of experience with this I already have my foot flexed before it goes into that final and very painful spasm!! I remember getting this with Morgan so I know its pretty normal. Another thing I have to remember always is to stop drinking fluids by at least 7pm or Im up all night long going to pee. I’m feeling strong movements now and have just recently started feeling little lumps and bumps that pop up all over and when I try to inspect them he hides away again.

My mom made the lovliest quilt on Easter weekend with the material I bought here and took with me and although I have a pic of it already I have not actually gotten around to downloading it off my camera. I think when I get home from dr this afternoon I will quickly load my pics of baby’s new presents and of course the quilt so by tomorrow I will have something to post. I ordered my chest of drawers and the guy said he will push for tomorrow or Thursday but if not then I will get it on 28 April – I really hope I still get it this week so I can start packing all of baby’s things where they belong and make heads or tails of what I actually have.

Will update tomorrow with pics and news of baby’s weight!! Until then – Marthie you are constantly in my thoughts and prayers xxx


~ by irene0211 on April 20, 2009.

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