Hello ladies

Well yesterday I went for my scan with very little expectations and of course I was thrilled that baby put on the best show ever for me and my two daughters!! The sad part is, like I mentioned before, she cannot put the scan on DVD or video and although I got some okay pictures they by no means, do the scan any justice.
He showed us the full front of his face and the movement was amazing – he kept putting his fingers in his mouth etc. She only started capturing images after he turned his face to the side and they were printed in black and white. They were clear as day on the screen but once she printed them onto paper the clarity was lost :o(
Here are the four that I chose:

Mouth open .. fingers in the mouth

Fingers again by the mouth

Fist under his chin and such chubby little cheeks

I’m so in looove

And now the picture of the adorable little crib my friend loaned me …


~ by irene0211 on April 7, 2009.

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