I don’t have a huge amount to report on today and I am actually a little disappointed in myself because this weekend I took a picture of the little crib loaned to me by my friend and I forgot to save it onto the computer… I will try to remember to do this today and hopefully will have it on my blog tomorrow.

Apart from that I am so excited that it is such a short week this week and next week because I have taken Thursday off and will only be back at work next Thursday!! I am leaving on Thursday morning to go visit my folks and honestly I cannot wait. It will just be myself and the kids so I must be honest Im a little nervous about the long 7 hour drive but I will just make sure I stop often. We will be there until Tuesday and then on Wednesday I go to Durban for my 4D scan which I am hoping and praying will go well and we will get to see something this time. I have also planned to spend the day in Durbs on Wednesday to choose my cot and I can’t wait!! I honestly feel like I am still so unorganised with baby’s room considering I am a week away from my third trimester!!! Well its a little difficult when you are organising everything without any help from your spouse but I will prove I can do it and do it damn well too!!

Psssst…. I just called my hospital (Netcare Margate) and asked the lady who does the 3D’s if she could see me today. She said I can come at 4pm although I must admit I am not terribly excited about it because as mentioned before she is not that skilled and tends to give up easily if she cannot get a clear face shot. I’m hoping that because I am not expecting too much baby will surprise me and show me his face …. please baby boy .. I beg you … play nice today for mommy and I’ll buy you a nice present PROMISE!!

Until tomorrow then … keep your fingers crossed and maybe .. just maybe I’ll have a pic to post of my stubborn little man.


~ by irene0211 on April 6, 2009.

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