Belly Pic & 24 week scan

hmmmm – where do I start ….?

Well first of all let me load my new belly pic but be warned its getting HUGE!!!

Yep – 24 weeks already – I actually can’t believe it myself, I feel like this pregnancy is flying by.

Yesterday I had my checkup with dr. and all is looking great. Looks like my little boy is weighing around 600g now which I’m happy with. I told him that I can no longer handle the acid reflux and heartburn and it was getting so bad it was causing me to vommit so finally he gave me a script for heartburn medication and the funny thing is its the same medication I was taking before falling pregnant which I stopped. So I have put myself through torture for the last 2 months when I could have been taking those capsules. Oh well at least from here on it will get better. Baby looked gorgeous on the scan and we could see him opening his mouth and putting fingers inside. Along with the dr. we even counted the fingers and made sure there were five!! lol. He is still lying head down so all those pokes and kicks I’ve been getting to the bladder which have made me all but run straight to the toilet are actually headbutts and punches with little fists – what a strong boy!!
I decided to go past maternity ward for a 3D straight afterwards since we were there already and I was soooo disappointed because as usual he just did not want to show his face. I got only one pic printed which I will load later today – of his one ear and an arm up covering his face. I must admit though that I could see the lady doing the scan was not all that clued up since she was soooo gentle with the wand on my stomach it tickled. She should have tried a little harder to make him move like the lady who did my early 3D did. At some point I wanted to snatch it from her and do it myself. Then she was wasting time trying to see the sex when all I wanted was a pic of the face. She only went into 3D mode like 15 minutes into the actual scan. grrrrr

I really hope the Storks Nest in Umhlanga will do a better job and has a more experienced sonographer since I am paying for that one. I will be going on 15 April so I will be around 27wks pregnant and I can’t wait. We are going to make a day of it and go to Baby & Co at Gateway to buy our cot, bedding and car chair … and of course some other odds and ends that I may need. Its going to be so exciting to get the stuff back and finally start making progress with the room!!


~ by irene0211 on March 24, 2009.

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