Help Needed!!

Okay so after my last post Marthie very kindly gave me the webpage of a wallpaper place down the road from her and after looking at it I found they had more choices than I’ve seen in any one shop around here.

I have narrowed it down to three choices which I will attach below …. please let me know what you ladies think – since my husband does not have a clue

This first one I like because I was thinking of doing a teddy bear theme but I’m just not sure if its too girly for a boy (bearing in mind that it can be changed when he gets a little older?

This one again going with the teddy bear theme but I can’t help feeling that it is a little colourless and boring?

This one I really like because … well who doesn’t like Disney and it will be a good match for my walls – but again is it not too girly?

The lower half of the wall is blue and the top half is cream so I am looking for something that will incorporate both colours and kind’ve bring them together. Grrrrr – I hate not having my family around to help me make the right choice. Any and all suggestions will be appreciated :o)


~ by irene0211 on March 18, 2009.

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