Getting the show on the road

Wow – my tummy is really popping out now and its so hard. I need to take a picture this week and post it. I also need to find a photographer close by that will take some tasteful belly pictures for me. My little man already has his periods of activity and rest and it seems he’s a late sleeper because in the morning he is very quiet until about 9am/10am and then the party gets started. It could also be that by then he has had his breakfast and juice so batteries are recharged. He sleeps again for quite a while in the afternoons and then normally wakes around 4:30pm and generally stays awake until after I have struggled to fall asleep (due to punches and kicks etc).

I found out from Margate Netcare the other day that their 3D/4D scanning machine only prints pictures and they are NOT able to put it on video or dvd?? Well you can just imagine my disappointment. But I guess when its a free service you just don’t get what you want. I have decided to go on Saturday 28th March (I will be 25 weeks) with the kids and Oli and just hope I can get a good picture of the face and then I will also go to someone else a couple of weeks later who can video the whole scan.
Yesterday I called the same lady who did my 3D when I was 18 weeks and unfortunately she will not be coming to the coast around the time I need her to do my 26-32 week 3D so she gave me some other suggestions. One being to call Netcare Storksnest in Imhlanga so I called them yesterday afternoon and their prices are pretty reasonable (R250) plus they do a full DVD of the scan too (extra R15) – Yipppeee!
I booked it for 15 April when I will be 27weeks and I am so excited I can hardly contain myself because I have planned a lot around that appointment. Firstly I told Oli he HAS TO take that day off work and take me the one and half hours to Durban and we will make a day of it because I have been needing to go do shopping at a decent mall for baby so Gateway is where we will go. I have heard that Babies r Us is huge there so all the things I can’t find here (cots, bedding, bath with stand) I will try get on that day from Gateway.

I am feeling a lot more positive just after those few arrangements because I finally feel like things are happening with baby’s room. To top that off even more exciting news!!!! Shhhhh – but I know when Im having my stork party and it’ll be on Saturday 18th April – a month away!! I know I should have booked going to Durban AFTER the stork party but we won’t have the money or the space to buy everything we need on one shopping trip so I am more than happy to go back there again at a later date to get all my little odds and ends that I still need.

As for babies room – yes I’m afraid I have decided to change the wall colour YET AGAIN! This time I am very happy with the blue colour at the bottom but the more I look at the top colour the more gray it becomes and the more the room looks like a cold prison cell. Baby will be coming in winter and the room is North facing so we want some warmth in there. I found the soft cream colour I was looking for and have also found a reputable painter recommended by my local hardware. I will be fetching him on Saturday morning and let him do the job and finish it for once and for all instead of me piss-assing around trying to take on every single chore that has to do with baby’s room – yes finally I admit it I AM SIMPLY NOT CAPABABLE ANYMORE – I. NEED. HELP – in fact I WELCOME IT!! [um…btw.. that took herculean effort to admit]..
I have also decided to go with a teddy bear theme for the room since I can’t stand trains, planes and automobiles and I despise Bob the Builder!! The problem is that every shop that sells the wallpaper strip only has Winnie the Pooh!!! shit – even Babies r Us in Gateway!! WTF is wrong with these people?? Does nobody out there have ANY new ideas?? I HAD Winnie the Pooh for Morgan 6 years ago and nothing has changed! *sigh* Well I decided to give Game in Gateway a chance to prove themselves first so I’ll take a look what they have and if they don’t have what i want I will have to settle for my original choice from a catalogue in Game Margate – wait for it .. R270 for 4 metres (and I probably need 3 rolls)!! Quite ridiculous but worth it since Im not prepared to settle for something I don’t want…. and sorry but stencilling (although appealing [insert sarcasm here]) is just not gonna happen since I fear I am a complete perfectionist and anything less than professional looking just won’t do for my special little boy!!!

We move on to names and for some reason I am starting to panic a little since I am still struggling to come up with anything that we both totally love. So far my short list (still prowling however so this list may still grow considerably)

I love the name Alexander as a middle name – but to convince Oli – anyway moving onward here is my list so far:

Connor Alexander Broome
Corbin Alexander ….
Deacon [you get the picture]
Murray ….
Micah (pronounced Mee-kah)

P.S (I love the name Chase but put together with Broome the poor lil’ guy will spend his life warding off sick humour directed at that unfortunate combination)..

Anyway – here I thought this was going to be a quick post but I got carried away I guess – all I have left to say is that i can’t wait for my check-up with gynae on Monday so I can see how my little star has grown..!


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