Mood Swings & Things

Okay I know I need to write an entry soon so I’ll do it but be warned – for some reason my mood is completely sour today but I’ll try and behave.

I have been so tired the last three days and my nights are filled with toilet trips and vivid dreams. Afternoon sleeps are hard to come by since the kids are home in the afternoon and my door constantly opens and slams shut with people coming in and out to either dig in my drawers or the best is – my little girl comes and asks me to get her something from the kitchen while staring me in the face – a face, I might add, that has closed eyes and gentle snoring?? The mind boggles. Then of course, there’s the maid who makes frequent trips to my cupboard to pack iorning away on a daily basis – sometimes forgetting to close the bedroom door behind her and with my windows open the door shuts with a mighty bang from the wind. I am not a person who comes by sleep very easily so my family knows that once I am woken I cannot go back to sleep which equals a very grumpy pregnant woman. My door does not lock – the lock is broken so I have decided to go to the hardware and buy a whole new mechanism and also make a sign that says “DO NOT DISTURB” so in future when I am down for a much needed afternoon nap, the maid can put ironed clothes on the spareroom bed and see to the kids needs until such time as I wake up.
Another problem is my vivid dreams. Last night for example I was dreaming about breastfeeding. I had had the baby two days before but hadn’t breastfed so quickly grabbed my jack russell and he breastfed (was he my baby?) – Next thing my brother-in-law was supposed to be breastfeeding but he was out and I was worried my milk would dry up.. Where the heck was my baby? Then my sister and brother-in-law had a baby that was 6 months old that I was going to breastfeed but he had a tooth growing in such a strange place on his gum that I couldn’t. I put these dreams down to my determination to get breastfeeding right and perhaps my fear that things may go wrong.

As far as baby goes, he is moving so much now so I have a strong feeling my placenta is migrating up and out the way. My midwife felt around last week and also mentioned that she can feel my placenta has moved so for that I am really grateful because I was so scared I would not feel much movement with this pregnancy. I am feeling strong kicks right by my belly and the smaller punches right down on my right side – especially last night when I played him some music. I couldn’t stop smiling because I had my ipod earphones on my belly and he first kicked in the spot i had put the one and then punched in the spot I had put the other… maybe he doesn’t did classical music? lol. On Saturday night myself and Oli were lying in bed and baby was being particularly active so I told him to put his hand on my belly. Almost immediately baby gave a hard kick that even surprised me since I had not even felt a kick that hard yet. I was so happy that finally he could be a part of what had, up until now, been mine and baby’s secret. Baby was ready to share…
Kaylah got her first few little kicks last night after I had eaten dinner but I guess he got tired from all the food and went to sleep pretty quickly.
As far as how I sleep, I normally sleep half on my side and half on my stomach with my top leg bent up and my hands under my pillow. I can see that I will have to start adapting to another position since in the last two weeks I have felt little kicks and punches in the area that I am clearly squashing.
Oooooh gotta run to the looo – just had a snack and baby is moving around again – right now pressing on my bladder … (I’m loving it – huge grin) …. brb

——- x ———

On the weight side … I’ve picked up 8kg’s so far but I am finding much needed info on Our Precious Moments under the mommies forum. Whew – those ladies really make a girl feel good!!!!


~ by irene0211 on March 11, 2009.

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