later on that same day …… [cue music] da da da daaaaa

So I went to the hardware this afternoon and bought the mechanism. I am so proud of me right now I could shit. (Forgive my technical names for the mechanism bits but try to keep up) …. the little thingy that clicks into the door frame when you shut the door was facing the wrong way so I had to unscrew the mechanism and inside found some bits and pieces and a springy kinda thing. Well I turned the one bit around so the thingy that clicks into doorframe as mentioned above would face the right way (and door would stay closed) but the spring jumped out and I had to sit and try figure out for half an hour how the spring fits. I ended up unscrewing the old mechanism for a cross-section of insides and fit the spring in a similiar manner.. (still with me??) hehe – eventually I managed to put the whole thing back together, into the door, handles back, right screws in right holes and then … the moment of truth … I inserted the key slowly and voila!!!!!!! THE DOOR LOCKS!! Yep .. I’m dancing right now – or trying at least. Did I mention that I’m proud of me?
You may be wondering what the hell Im so excited about but the prospect of future afternoons undisturbed has me so excited I can hardly contain myself … hmmmm … and the party girl went where exactly???

On the down side…
I spent too long on the damn door today so I missed out on my sleep. It is now 5pm and I have to start thinking about what to make for dinner – BLAHHH!!!! Oh well at least it gives me time to come up with a very creative DO NOT DISTURB sign right?

Pssst – BTW baby HATES this laptop on my belly … time to go


~ by irene0211 on March 11, 2009.

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