High Blood Pressure

On Wednesday at work I was feeling period pain type cramps in my lower stomach and back, which initially I just ignored but was aware of. They got bad enough for me to stop what I was doing and take notice but not double over in pain. I decided to pop past my midwife after work and she tested my urine again. She noticed there was still blood in my urine from the bladder infection and thrush but the actual bladder infection had cleared up. She then checked my blood pressure and we were both shocked to find that it was 140/90??? WTF?? I’ve never had a blood pressure problem and so far this pregnancy its always been around 120/70. She then checked my uterus and found that it was irritable. Wow – it seems the bladder infection just unleashed a whole chain of events and she told me to go straight home on bedrest and booked me off Thurs and Fri (yes, I am in bed as I type this). It was pretty upsetting for me because I kept thinking the worst – that I may go into labour and give birth long before baby is ready!!
Needless to say on Wednesday night Oli got takeaways and I just stayed in bed. Yesterday afternoon I went back to midwife just to settle my mind and I was so relieved that my b/p had come right down to 120/60!! She did say I must still rest though due to the irritable uterus but what a relief!!
On the bright side, when she took measurements of my uterus she said baby is growing very very well!! He’s weighing around 400 grams now and honestly, all I want is for him to get to 1kg before I can fully start relaxing about these little episodes that scare the shit outa me.

So this morning I got a bee in my bonnet – yes I know I should be in bed but I am back in bed now as it didn’t take me too long. I mentioned in an earlier post that I had got a cupboard made (still waiting for second one). Well first thing I did this morning was pack it with all the baby’s things and they look adorable. Obviously the clothes will get washed and moved around once I have all my packing space. I plan to get the same guy to build me a chest of drawers/compactum, block shelves to mount above the drawers and of course my second cupboard. Below is a picture of what I have so far:

Of course after climbing back into bed my mind started wondering again about the room and something I thought would look cool painted on the wall… Of course that got me into high gear and I decided to just do it .. what’s the worst that can happen? I can just paint over it again. Okay well my feet were aching terribly by the time I was done but I HONESTLY love the end result!! I couldn’t go with more colours until I have chosen my wallpaper strip..


~ by irene0211 on March 6, 2009.

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