Ultrasound Yesterday

First of all I wanted to post a couple of pictures of the new blue that I chose and although my husband says he preferred the darker colour – I think I made the right choice…I only managed to paint a small section but you’le get the idea.

Oh and I just had to add a picture of my naughty Jack Russell Oscar – he is sitting like a real little poof!!!

As for my ultrasound – it all went very well and I managed to ask him all the questions I had listed. My little man was moving all over the place as usual but at one point was lying with his legs stretched out and feet crossed at the ankles like he was on holiday in there hehe …. I guess he should enjoy the space while he still has it.
I asked the dr. to take another look at my placenta and it is quite frankly – all over the place. It was on top of baby and down the sides etc. However, he did say that it is not low enough to interfere with my c/s – which btw has been booked for 9 July. He did say that in about 6 weeks or so it should have moved up a lot more. He picked up a bladder infection so has put me on antibiotics which I need to go and collect today – so thank goodness we found this out early rather than later.
I must say it was a very uncomfortable scan because he was pressing so damn hard on my stomach and it really hurt!! He was trying to get me a profile pic of baby’s face but because of my placenta being in the way it just wouldn’t work. Anyway after the scan he told me to go to the lovely lady in maternity ward where their 3D scanner is so I could get a printed picture of baby’s face. We went through there and she was so gentle on my stomach and we still managed to see just as much if not more!!! Again we got confirmation that it is definately a little boy so if there was any kind of doubt whatsoever it has been erased. We didn’t get our face shot though because like the last time, he was hiding it up in my placenta…!
I also asked him if I could take rescue remedy or something just to calm me down because I seem to have become very highly strung and emotional and sometimes I just don’t like myself at all. He told me to get “Biral” – a herbal supplement, which he says has a very good calming effect and is (obviously) 100% safe.


~ by irene0211 on February 24, 2009.

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