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Alright … I seem to be completely up to date now with goings on in a certain local forum that I frequent [and I speak NOT of Fertility Friend which I love]. As I have said before – I have always felt the need to watch my P’s and Q’s in there and could never fully relax. Always feeling like someone was watching over my shoulder while I typed…

All the ladies that have left the forum by choice or by force have been nothing but amazing!!! I do get the impression that simply being pregnant is a sin. Why then, was a pregnancy room created? Supposedly to support those who had achieved pregnancy after being on the long and painful TTC road? Yes been there done that!!! But instead it has become a prison where you are constantly monitored, on the off chance that you unintentionally offend those still TTC. I doubt very much that 90% of the ladies ttc are bitter at all but it certainly does not help having a person in charge that seems to do nothing but wallow in self-pity.

To the powers that be – try being on both sides of the fence like Mandy-Leigh for one – who has been nothing short of amazing through all her heartache – putting her pain to one side to still follow the blogs of those she considers friends – pregnant or not pregnant!! The issue awhile ago came up about “babydust” – for fuck’s sakes!!!! Have some people got nothing better to do than complain about a well-intentioned remark without disecting it and finding something in that that is grossly offensive???

Bitter self-loathing will take you on a path to self-destruction. Allow those who are pregnant to bask in all its glory and shout it from the rooftops [in the confines of the pregnancy room of course] – it is their God given right! But it seems even when they are posting in what they consider to be their own personal space (i.e. their blogspots), they are being penalised??? Who is it that has such a miserable life that they feel the need to spend every waking moment looking for reasons to punish someone for being pregnant??

To all the other pregnant ladies in there that plan to stick around – MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU!!!!

As for me – I QUIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


~ by irene0211 on February 23, 2009.

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