It’s late Sunday afternoon now and my feet are killing me. I spent most of the afternoon painting only one wall – just to see how it would look. I completed the top bit which was Matt and once I painted the blue at the bottom there was just something I did not like at all. Firstly the colour looked off (too blue?) from the one I had selected on the chart and secondly it seemed to just stay wet and shiny. I read the paint tin again and it said “sheen or gloss finish”… Boy was I spitting mad!! I immediately called the guy at the Mica branch where I had bought it and explained to him that the paint for the top (from a different Mica) was not only half the price of his paint but it was a matt finish which I liked and the paint his staff had supplied for the lower portion of the wall was gloss. The two together made me want to vomit ***mad***** …. I told him that I was not asked at all by the person mixing the paint whether I would prefer high gloss or matt and since I am the average person off the street assumed they only give glossy paint if you are using it for a bathroom. Anyway – long story short, he offered to take the paint back if I point out the salesman since he is supposed to check customer’s preferences. He will mix a matt finish paint for me and pay me back the balance as it is apparently quite a bit cheaper. I need to mention to him too that I want a blue with a little more “smokiness” in as this bright blue is just refusing to grow on me no matter how many times I look at it.

Anyway – I have attached some pictures but bear in mind that these will probably be the before pics because I really feel that the top and bottom are mismatched even though they were paired in a Dulux catalogue… *sigh* Oh well – I think I’m going to put in leave on Friday so I can fix up this mess.

[Click pictures to enlarge]

Morgan watching mommy at work – she helped a little bit too..

Oooh shocker – what was a grayish / very light cream on the catalogue has turned into purple???? Hopefully it will change when it dries

So far so good but wow is that blue blue!!!

Hmmmm – shiny blue??? looks like a workshop and NOT a baby’s room!!

On the bright side – the top colour has settled nicely….


It’s Monday morning and I have that paint packed in my car so after work today I’m going to replace it with a paint that a more subtle, dusty blue…

Anyway I have loaded a couple of pictures of baby’s clothes as my mom is visiting my sister in Jhb (who keeps up to date with my blog) and I wanted her to see what her little grandson has so far….

…the blue sandals were a present from my daughter Kaylah

Notice the bottom of the picture – see my belly getting in the way?


~ by irene0211 on February 22, 2009.

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