Yay its Friday!!

I have mentioned in previous posts that I have felt movement but all this time they were more like swimming movements or a hardness in a particular area of my belly, sometimes gentle popping sensations which I could never 100% be certain is him. But last night I felt my first definite, no-mistaking-this-for-gas, baby kick!! I can’t say it was a hard kick since his little feet are only about 3cm long but it was on the left side where I knew his legs were since I had kind of guessed at how he was lying by feeling my tummy. I was so happy I wanted to dance hehehe. silly huh?
Then about 10 minutes after that I felt a pressure on the same spot and when I put my hand over it I felt a small bony thing which I assumed to be the foot … of course he quickly pulled away from my prying hand. Oooooh I can’t wait for the family to have fun with him!!

On to other things – there is a get together for parents at Morgan’s school tomorrow. I probably would have come up with some feeble excuse to not take her but she has been so excited about mommy and daddy going with her to school that there is no way in hell I would let her down.
As for the rest of my weekend – I really really want to get started on the painting of the room so hopefully Oli is of the same frame of mind and perhaps we can get started on Sunday….?

I mentioned before that baby’s room does not have built-in cupboards so I ordered two single door cupboards to be made up for me. Why separate cupboards you may ask. This is because space in the room is pretty tricky. At the bottom of the cot behind the entrance door there would be just enough space for a cupboard the size of a linen cupboard and again on the other side of the room the same size cupboard behind the bathroom door. I have asked that one cupboard be only shelves and the other to have a 60cm space above the shelves with a rod for hanging baby’s clothes. I am still shopping around for a chest of drawers / compactum and may even get the same guy to make them up for me as well since his prices are very reasonable. I really hope the quality is not bad though so we will have to wait about 2 weeks for the arrival of the first cupboard.

As far as the pregnancy is going, I am 19w3d now. Last night was my first night of struggling to get comfortable but I have a feeling its because baby was lying right down low on my bladder. I could have just stayed on the toilet the whole night the way I was running back and forward to it every five minutes. The heartburn has really kicked in something chronic now but the pharmacist recommended last week that I not take Rennies as it makes the problem worse by trapping the gas (I suppose its like putting a lid on a volcano – pressure build up so when it pops off its so much worse). I am taking Eno Tums instead – not only do they taste much better – like different flavouried fruity sweets, but their active ingredient is calcium carbonate. I have found that this is helping so much more than any other stuff I have tried and this coupled with the fact that I am giving my bones extra calcium – what more could I ask for. As for Gaviscon liquid … a TOTAL waste of time… it works for pretty much 5 minutes after you have taken a sip and then the acid breaks through.

I need to start watching what I am eating very carefully because yesterday and today when I climbed on the scale I seemed to have shot up 1.5kg’s in 1 week???? Must be something wrong because that’s just not possible. That said – it still freaked me out enough to lay off the white bread today and for breakfast I had Oude Caap Low GI bread with bean sprouts, low fat cream cheese and a piece of shaved ham. I know I have slipped because the constipation has come back to bite me in the ass so to speak. So back to lots of fruit, vege’s and wholegrains and quit the chocolates and sweets for a while. Oh and suddenly I am a big fan of coca-cola which must also stop – its poison!! Today, however, I have stuck to water and lots of it….
I am contemplating walking with my daughter in the mornings but … like I say … contemplating
watch this space ….


~ by irene0211 on February 20, 2009.

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