Found a Midwife

I’m so thrilled…. I have found a midwife in my area that I never even knew was a midwife before – just thought she was a nurse. I went to speak to her yesterday and have decided to see her every month – along with my gynae – that way I will be seeing one of them every 2 weeks.

I just get so frustrated with my gynae because he doesn’t seem to have the time or inclination to explain things properly to me. One visit I asked what the heartbeat was and he said “Oh its over 100 thats all you need to know” – nice huh? Then at another visit casually informs me I have an anterior placenta with no further information. I go on to read that its dangerous if you are having a cesear and um … newsflash!!! I’m having a cesear due to having one the last time – and this you know!! Of course then there was the weight story where he was kind’ve cocky and asked if I’d had a really good Christmas – which sent me home with my tail between my legs.

Well I sat with midwife and spoke to her about all my concerns that the dr was not addressing. She was absolutely amazing. She took a urine sample (something I have to ask my dr to do at app’s), blood pressure, fundul height. She showed me pictures of the female reproductive organs and exactly what causes the sharp pains in the ligaments. She explained how the placenta moves as you grow. She weighed me and was very happy with what I have put on so far – 4kg’s (8.8 pounds). We covered breast feeding and she even explained in great detail how the cesearean procedure at the local hospital will work – i.e. when hubby will come in – where baby will go while I am being stitched etc etc.). She even put my mind at ease regarding my doppler (something the dr had made me worry about) – since she said as long as its not one of those that plug into a computer then its fine. I LOVE HER!!!! AND there were patients in the reception waiting to see her.

Sorry to waffle on like this but finally feel like I have found someone who gives me individualised care and takes my concerns seriously instead of making me feel stupid about them. :o)))


~ by irene0211 on February 6, 2009.

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