Weighty Issues

I had a huge weight gain with Morgan – somewhere in the region of about 30kg’s and in all honesty was not terribly bothered to lose it for at least 4 years. Why? I don’t know, I guess I just fell into a horrible rut. I was weighing 92 whopping kg’s when we moved to the coast in November 2007 and had nobody to blame but myself and my overzealous appetite for the good life.
I put myself on a diet and over a year I lost about 10kg’s and kept the weight off. I still wanted to come down more in weight so not long ago I joined weight watchers and managed to lose more .. my weight at one point dropping to 77kg’s (goal weight being 70kg’s). The month or two before Christmas saw me start my pregnancy at about 79kg’s on 3 December when I found out. As you all know the period leading up to Christmas can be just as detrimental to the diet as Christmas itself. Then of course we had the first three months of pregnancy where I just couldn’t stand the thought of eating meat and although I had little to no appetite for dinner (lunch time was the big one) I still managed to put on 4kg’s. I know this is due to the amount of carbs I ate since this was the only food I could stomach at the time.
Of course when I went for my 12 week app. my doctor, being very insensitive as some men can be, asked me if I had had a very good Christmas after I told him about my weight gain. Oli found this terribly amusing and continued to do so for the next two days but me? Nooooo way did I find anything remotely funny in that statement and spent the rest of the week beating myself up about it.
Off I went to buy the book “What to Expect – Eating When you’re Expecting”. I don’t follow the book religiously but I have been buying rye and health bread and stay away from white bread. Sweets? sorry but when I have a sweet tooth a sweet i will eat – I am not going to deny myself sweets because dr. came up with some crap about my child developing diabetes later in life due to my sugar intake. I take sugar in moderation and some days I don’t have any sweets at all. All in all I think my diet has been very healthy and I am giving baby all the nutrients he needs. I am now, at almost 17 weeks weighing 84.5kg’s so I have picked up a total of 5.5kg’s. I have decided that I am going to allow myself 1.8kg’s per month from here on so if all goes according to plan [she says with a trepidation and a loaded sigh] then by 20weeks I should be weighing around 86.3kg’s. Yes I know …. in theory it certainly does sound good but I really am hoping that I can put it into practice. If my estimation is correct then I am allowing myself to go up to around 93/94kg’s – a total gain of 15kgs which is fair considering I am going to put everything I have into successful breastfeeding after the birth – a mutually beneficial arrangement I would think….!

A picture I took of my belly kinda freaked me out since my collage of pictures (view previous post) are taken in the morning and NOT at night. A lot changes during the course of the day and you can go from waking with a little bump in the morning to a 7month pregnant belly in the afternoon….

Case in point below:


~ by irene0211 on February 2, 2009.

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