Good News

Ok so I have been incredibly lazy in updating app. with dr etc but I guess, as they say, no news is good news right? hehe
Okay well Tuesday’s app. went well I guess – not that I got any answers but after dr did the scan and checked the nuchal fold it was still at 1.3mm. He immediately told me, however, that he would not attempt an amnio since I have an anterior placenta. This means it covers the front of your uterus. Yes I was very happy that I would not need to convince him that I really did not want the amnio but I was a little miffed because I had read that an anterior placenta can cushion baby’s movements / kicks early on when baby is still small and you only feel movements around 18 – 20 weeks along. I guess I am just excited to start feeling movements (edit: just a note that it is now the following Monday and I have since started feeling definate movement [insert stupid grin here] – especially last night – it was there for a while but I guess silly me just didn’t believe it was anything but gas). So after taking baby’s measurements he tells me I am far enough to go straight to lab for my triple screen bloods and that he will rather work on those results coupled with the NT scan to determine if I need further testing. He wanted my downs results to be above 1/2000. My results came in on Thursday and he called me to tell me the Nural Tube results were 1/12000 (wooohooo!!) and the downs was 1/1450. I was still very sceptical since he had told me he wanted them above 2000 but he was happy with them and advised against doing further testing. However ….. yes, however – I have decided to do an 18wk scan with the fetal specialist as I have heard very rare cases of a negative result with NT scan and bloods and the baby is still born with downs. Yes, I am a born warrior and precision planner so honestly I would prefer to know exactly what to expect when baby is born. Besides all that I really want to see baby in 4D while dr. does a detailed head to toe analysis.

Apart from all that my pregnancy symptoms have been a little up and down I guess. I have random episodes of nausea and I actually find it incredibly difficult to brush my tongue while doing the teeth in the morning. The other morning I think I went just a little too far back and ended up over the toilet bowl heaving but having just woken up with an empty stomach absolutely nothing came out and I ended up with a very painful diaphram so lay down on the bed for a bit until I felt I could breathe without choking. Heartburn – although it came in much later than with my last pregnancy, it definately came in, although also random. I can’t say I have it everyday but I have definately noticed that any refined carbs like white bread, biscuits or pastry makes it flair up something terrible. I have not had any cravings at all which is slightly disappointing lol – but where it was pickles with my two girls its absolutely nothing with this one. I LOVE slush puppies though and have actually started buying myself one on an almost daily basis but that can’t be considered a craving – I guess the ice just cools me down. My moods are also very up and down and I have a lot of “episodes”. In fact I had an episode on Saturday where I cried all morning and hated the world, especially Oli. The thing that I try time and time again to explain to him is that this heightened sensitivity is not just me but a VERY normal part of being pregnant and affects some women a lot more than others. He seems to say all the wrong things when I have a moment instead of just zipping his lips and taking it in his stride. He takes it all so personally and quite frankly I couldn’t be bothered babying him when I feel like I am the one that needs taking care of. Maybe the pregnancy just doesn’t feel real to him yet but I guess I’m just looking for the same enthusiasm from him as I feel but the TV always seems more important when I want to talk about the baby. Normally I would let it slide but these pregnancy hormones just wont let me. I get sad over it and angry and feel alone in this – eventually working myself up to a crying bout and for God knows what exactly. I just want him to recognise it for what it is and do and say everything right but I guess I’m asking for stars from the sky and its just not going to happen. I know I am at fault because I shout at him for nothing, even when he tries to make me a nice breakfast and gets it wrong – yes … I’m a pregnant BITCH!!! And I hate it!! I know I need to try control my moods but wouldn’t it just be easier if he did nothing wrong??? I mean it’s only 9 months right??? ….. right??? hehehehe

Okay – enough whining – I’m giving myself a tension headache. Below I have added some updated pictures – click to enlarge.


~ by irene0211 on February 2, 2009.

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