Bitter Sweet Discovery

So after my post on Monday I decided I just couldn’t wait any longer and when i left work I headed straight back to the sonographer at the Margate Hospital in the hope that today would be the day we would finally know if we are on the pink or blue team.

I arrived at 2pm to an extremely busy X-ray department and with the Dr having arrived late there was a bit of a backlog. I waited patiently (NOT one of my virtue’s I assure you), but I figured with patients suffering from pheumonia or broken bones all around me I really had no right to stand up and demand that the only dr stop what he’s doing to look between my baby’s legs. Well at 3pm after watching some people go in for sonar’s that had arrived well after me I decided to go back into the reception and ask where in the queue my file was? Honestly, she looked at me with shock since it seems I had been forgotten. She raced me through to the hallway outside the dr’s rooms while she spoke to him. Just in front of me was an old lady with sparse gray hair in a wheelchair coughing a smoker’s cough into a paper towel. Clearly she was just a second away from being wheeled in to get her US (possibly of her lungs) and here I was feeling rather guilty as the sister hurried me into a changing cubicle to put on a gown and straight onto the bed next to the sonar while sparsed haired old lady in question continuted her throaty cough outside [insert shameful expression here]. Dr came in immediately and was extremely rushed (which is understandable) so I began to pray while he coated my stomach with gel, that baby would have its legs open and ready the minute we got started because I assumed that if this was not the case Dr. would simply not have the time to hunt around for it.
…. and guess what … before dr. even said anything … as he put the probe on my abdomen I saw a little something!!! I was sure of it. Dr moved around a little and Voila!!! What a good little boy … lying there with legs wide open for me. The whole process probably took a minute if that but we managed to get two pictures and dr. was pretty damn confident that this was a boy.

And for the close up ……

So needless to say the mood was really lifted after I got my pictures – I went to fetch Oli from work and told him I had just been.. when he asked what it was i said “It’s a girl!!!” hehehe .. he said to me “don’t lie” and I assured him it was so ever the diplomat he leaned forward to kiss me and said “well congratulations doll” – I just couldn’t maintain myself anymore so told him ITS A BOY…..! He was over the moon and on the trip home we started calling close family and friends. Marlene was out shopping when I called her so when I saw her later that day to collect Kaylah from her she gave me a little present …. a little pair of shorts with a T-shirt and socks – soooooo cute it brought tears to my eyes. But all this and still that nagging unsettled feeling deep in my gut about tomorrow’s app. with the gynae and what questions or answers it may bring…

Baby’s first present ..


~ by irene0211 on January 29, 2009.

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