Scan at Sonographer

I think its clear as day by now how impatient I am – so I decided to meet hubby at the sonographer for a gender scan. Firstly the sisters told me to make sure my bladder was completely full so I obliged by drinking 1 Liqui Fruit and two glasses of water while filling out my forms. By the time we they took us through and I had changed into my gown and lay on the bed next to the sonar machine, I was in such agony from my full bladder. The doctor in question was in the office next door chatting away on the phone and all the while my bladder was just getting fuller and fuller. I tried to tell Oli to call a sister to find out if I could just empty it a little but he was just too embarrassed to do any such thing and actually commented to me that it couldn’t be that bad. Well 5 more minutes and that was me – crying and in absolute agony and all he could do was stand at the door embarrassed as all hell.
Eventually the doctor walked in while I was dabbing my eyes with a big rough piece of paper towel and he asked me how my bladder was – although I wanted to rip his head off I responded meekly how much pain I was in. He tried briefly but really could not see anything so allowed me to slip off to the toilet and completely empty my bladder. What a damn relief!!!!!!!!
Now this is what gets me – he starts again, this time with my bladder completely empty and lo and behold – the view of the baby is so much clearer than when the bladder is full. Why the hell do they make you fill your bladder when you are 16 weeks along??? Maybe when baby is still a little bean and down in your pelvis yes but not when your uterus has moved up into your abdomen.

Anyway first of all baby was not cooperating but since I had just eaten a chocolate on the way there baby was very active so eventually moved. We were all convinced it was a boy by the clear-as-day toilet shot but then baby decided to play games with us and straightened his/her legs and guess what? boy bits disappeared… *sigh* Well dr said we mustn’t pay but must come back again Monday or Tuesday and he will try again so hopefully before this week is out I will know pink or blue.

Pictures below – any ideas?
(Click pic to enlarge)


~ by irene0211 on January 26, 2009.

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