Progesterone headaches – Is it a boy?

Well yesterday morning the damn municipality had turned the water off again so when I woke up to bath and get ready for work – no water!! I flipped my lid and of course Oli just said the wrong thing – something along the lines of “I don’t see why you should make such a big deal out of it” Well that was me – screaming at him and then crying softly in bed about how unfair life is … hmmmm hormones?? wow – not good! Needless to say I decided I would not budge until I had had my bath but it seems that my “panic attack” brought on the worst headache imaginable that made me want to vommit and it just wouldn’t budge the whole damn day so coupled with the water problem I took the day off work. I took a panado which did nothing except make me fall asleep around 9am for about an hour and wake up with the same headache, so took another panado effervescent. I decided to try something I had read about and have a cup of coffee around 1pm as the caffiene is supposed to constrict the blood vessels which take the headache away – I’m not sure if it worked because I had a big glass of water straight afterwards and it seemed to help A LOT!

I decided while the going was good to get the groceries done at the Spar (just across the road as I didn’t trust myself to drive too far in case the headache returned). After I got home it came back but this time a lot worse than before – I got the maid Anna to unpack the groceries and I just lay down again on the bed nauseous as all hell from the all-consuming pain in my head. I took another two panado capsules and fell asleep .. waking up at around 4:30pm to THANK THE LORD a clear head … no headache!!

This morning I was very disappointed to wake up nauseous and with no energy to get moving. Kaylah also seemed a little nauseous this morning so I was worried the meat I had cooked last night may have been off. She recovered fairly quickly and I got to work still feeling like shit. I decided to order a coke for the caffeine as I also felt another headache fast approaching – this did the trick and both nausea and headache went away. I decided anyway to pop in to Dr Chetty (the GP) for a quick check-up .. yes I know .. he’s not my dr and I never heed any of his advice as he is by no means a specialist Obgyn but he does have a scanner and I am DESPERATE to find out the sex of baby so off I went.
Trying to act very interested as he waffled on and on about my headaches being due to stress blah blah blah when I know they are due to increased progesterone and are a very normal side-effect in pregnancy. Finally!! He starts to scan.
Is it just me or is it normal for pregnant ladies to hold their breath the first instant before they see baby move or heart beating strongly? Well I do it all the time and today was no exception!! hehehe
I ate a chocolate before the scan just to make sure baby moved legs around a lot so we could get the “money” shot. Well I told dr. to try the toilet shot and knowing full well he is not a specialist since he told me the only way to tell the difference is a boy has a penis and a girl has nothing …. picture of my response to follow below …

WTF are you on dude – quick lesson to follow …

Here we can clearly see a penis between baby’s legs… there is just no mistaking that – those little things you can see right by the arrows are baby’s fingers!!!

and here is the money shot of little girl bits .. now rather than there being “nothing” to see, there are three distinct white lines between the legs … these are what the sonographer would use to determine if its a girl NOT the fact that there are no dangly bits between the legs.

So there you have it … now moving back to the scan. I strained my eyes while he was doing the toilet shot and I really kept seeing a little something similiar to boy bits above but then the confusion set in when I saw lines similiar to girl bits above. Dr. said he was 70% sure it’s a boy but after seeing the lines I have serious doubts. My gut feel? that its a girl.. but bear in mind my gut feel with both my daughters were that they were boys so I’m thinking to go opposite to the gut this time and perhaps it will be a boy. Yes yes Im agonising over this because I am JUST.SO.IMPATIENT to find out.


Alright alright … I’m done being all dramatic now but damn Im just as confused as I was before I went in. I guess I will just have to wait until my 3D on 30 Jan *sigh*. Oh on the bright side the head circumference measured at 15w4d … and I am 15 weeks today so that’s good. Another point is that I only have a 50% chance of being wrong with gender hehehe.


~ by irene0211 on January 22, 2009.

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