Baby Girl Grows Up

Today was a very hard day for me because my little baby girl went to Grade R which is the grade before Grade 1. She does not need to wear a uniform but has to wear a red t-shirt with the school name on it and the blue PT shorts with white socks and takkies. Her school bag also has the school name on it and looks soooooo big for her. The school goes right up to Matric (grade 12) so her big sister is in the same school (grade 9) and promised to go say hello to her at break time.
Although Morgan was very excited and woke up in a brilliant mood I could see she was feeling a little shy when we left her in her classroom. Her teacher seems wonderful and Im sure Morgan will be very happy there but I, on the other hand, was very clingy and just wanted to hug her all the time. Oli and his father were also there and I hardly gave them a chance to say goodbye lol … After we said goodbye and started leaving the tears just poured and I really had to keep my head down because of all the parents wandering the halls. So as I write this ..yes my mood is very low..
While I was driving from the school to work I felt baby moving around quite a lot almost as if to say “Hey … don’t worry ..I’m here” and I smiled for the first time this morning.
I just can’t wait for her to get back this afternoon so I can find out how she enjoyed her first day.. pictures will follow shortly


~ by irene0211 on January 20, 2009.

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