NT Results

Tuesday last week I received my doppler so tried it out on Tuesday night. At the time I thought it was baby’s heartbeat I was hearing and have since discovered, after a little practice that it was in fact, the blood swishing through the placenta and another time it was my own pulse. Only around Thursday, after first listening to my own heartbeat and then slowly moving the doppler around on my lower abdomen, I heard the unmistakable sound of baby’s heartbeat which could be likened to galloping hooves or a steam train …. a precious moment for me indeed and I closed my eyes and savoured it.

On Friday I decided to take a chance and call the lab for my results and they were in so I quickly called the Dr’s rooms and all checks out!!! The Joy!! – finally I actually felt I could begin to relax and stop worrying so much.

I have started to feel regular movments in my lower belly which I am almost 100% sure is baby – there is just that element of doubt because its still very infrequent. Last night I was lying on the bed and I could have sworn it was party time in there – I felt a lot of little flutters but when I laid my hand on my belly – nothing… I guess its still early days to feel much on the outside but I can’t wait until baby and I can start playing games with eachother and more so for when Oli and the kids can see movement. Morgan seems to have become my protector lately and dotes on me all the time, constantly giving me and baby kisses (something she never really enjoyed because play was waiting hehehe).

I have booked my 3D scan for 30 January so I really am hoping that baby comes to the party and opens legs a little for us to see what’s down there. I mean, Im really so excited to start doing a nursery for baby because even though its still pretty early I feel I have done absolutely nothing yet and need this to make everything more real if that makes any sense. Another thing would be baby names – I am dying to get started trying out different names and thusfar have only come up with two maybe’s but they are both girl’s names. I guess I would have 50% less work once I know what Im having.

Healthwise – Im doing incredibly well – even the heartburn is nowhere near as bad as with Morgan (it started in the first trimester with her). I still suffer from headaches very often but try water or a snack very soon after I feel one building up and it seems to help a little. I have also found now in the second trimester that if I change position or get up too quickly I get dizzy spells…. both of these symptoms are pretty normal and very easy to live with. The carpel tunnel syndrome I was experiencing in the first trimester seems to have dissipated for now.

P.S. *****BABY’S MOVING RIGHT NOW!! LOL … Wow feels amazing…!!

Food wise I am trying to make healthy choices and have not put on any weight in 3 weeks – so far my total gained is 4kg’s which is on the high side of normal so lets hope my appetite does not explode now in the second trimester. I am eating a lot of Oude Cape Low GI seed bread or rye bread and honestly I enjoy it soooo much more than white bread. Thankfully I also do not seem to have the stomach for takeaways such as toasted sandwiches and chips or home cooked food that has too much oil in it. I’m also loving my meusli lately and must say – all the fiber Im packing is really relieving this terrible constipation I’ve been suffering. I keep a can of Agiolax in the kitchen and was using it pretty often but have found in the last two weeks I have not had to touch it at all. I seem to have gone off any kind of fizzy drinks and actually prefer water or fruit juice. So it seems my body is on the right track this time and craving all the healthy choices. Lets just hope it continues along this path because God knows how long it took me to lose my Morgan weight [watch this space].

Just look at the difference in two weeks – the first pic is 12 Weeks and the second is 14 weeks ..


~ by irene0211 on January 19, 2009.

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