Second Trimester

Hello again

I have not been in for a week I guess because I have been a little lazy to write so will have to cram my weeks activities in here. Last Friday I developed a bad ear infection so decided to go to the doctor in the morning. Kaylah was with me at work so she came along and I told her that since the gp I am going to has the scanner there I will rather just get a scan to make sure everything is still a-okay. Baby was moving around so much it was wonderful to see again. Dr did a couple of measurements but this time measured head circumference rather than crown rump. These measurements pushed me forward a little as I walked in there 12w4d and after the measurements I was at about 13w1d so I was pretty darn chuffed. Needless to say I had to keep my sneaky scan a secret as Oli hates when I go for scans unnecessarily.

The weekend was spent with friends on the river. They camped out for the weekend but we just went to braai with them on the Saturday and again on the Sunday. I must be very honest though… I really find it difficult to be around people who are getting drunk and on Sunday (Oli included) my friends were getting drunk and a little stupid. At one point I snapped at Oli about something, he then went somewhere with my friends husband to collect something and while I was sitting around the fire one of the ladies (who had her son 17 yrs ago I feel the need to add) decides after half a bottle of whiskey that her opinion counts. She then says to me “You know … we’ve all been pregnant and I think you should just get over it”!!! Fuck!!! I was floored…. I was so spitting mad I nearly got into my car and went home but instead I responded sarcastically “Get over WHAT exactly??” and she quickly kept quiet about it then proceeded to arse creep me which pissed me off even more. Needless to say shortly after that she went to her husbands car and passed out so I had to remind myself not to take what she said to heart but to pity her instead. Oli was surprisingly well-behaved and decided to leave with me at 7pm even though he was having a good old time.

Monday my NT scan at 4pm with the gynae … and I was very nervous. We arrived there and I told him I have picked up 4 kg’s – his reply was “Oh – did you have a good Christmas?” and he went on about eating sweets during pregnancy and how that might cause the baby to have diabetes later in life so I have since cut out the sweets and I am not going to eat too much fruit either which can be just as bad. Oli, Kaylah and Morgan were all in the little darkened room with me while dr was looking at baby so it was very special for them and Morgan kept blowing me little kisses – hehehe so sweet. We checked the neck fold and it measured at 1.3mm which is a great sign of a normal healthy baby. Little arms were waving around and at one point baby had hand on head like he/she was thinking ….. see below.

I am now just waiting for my blood results and until then will not fully relax (for now that is – until the next batch of tests at week 16). I just tried to call them and was told there is a backlog at the lab…. grrrr … this means I may not even get them tomorrow.


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