Tiny Bubbles

Hello world
Yesterday afternoon I went to Reggies to get my Discovery Baby pack which is a free gift from the medical aid and I couldn’t wait to get home to open it and view its contents. Another gift from them is either a 0-6 month car seat or a toddler car seat with 60% knocked off the price – what a bargain!!! I took Morgan with me and we spent some quality time looking around all the shops. Of course she wanted everything she saw which is perfectly normal but in the end I bought her a cute little pair of white sunglasses with red hearts. We also stopped and got a lunch-bar and a coke zero each.
I opened the bag just as soon as I got home and was very excited with the contents. A beautiful Johnson’s pregnancy and baby book with all kinds of information on your pregnancy and baby up until 3 yrs old. Included in that was a DVD on household safety (a must for any parents), a baby CD called Majors for Minors (classical sleepy time music), some sample disposable panties, breast shields, wet wipes, a book for dad, a cute little book for baby, creams, a “baby on board” sticker for rear-view window and of course some really good discount vouchers on pampers for all sizes. I honestly felt my heart swell again … all that stuff including the little “congratulations” card just made this seem like it was finally real.
I am just counting down the days until my big NT U/S on Tuesday and also because I need to know that my baby’s heart is still beating strong. I really want to believe that all pregnant woman are as paranoid as me because sometimes I feel very stupid for it.
Last night my fears were put to rest for a while as I lay relaxing in bed. I am sure I have started feeling little movements already and although they are difficult to describe they sort of feel like flutters sometimes but most often it feels like a little movement – mostly on my left side and within where my uterus would be at 12 weeks. When I feel the movement my hand automatically goes to my stomach because I think its my uterus contracting (which I also love to feel) but on feeling, my uterus is still soft. Last night I got the exact same sensation that another lady described the other day. It was a much smaller version of how your stomach would feel when you suddenly go over a bump … like it did a little flip. Now I know there are skeptics out there but since this is my third child and I know what to look for I am quite sure it is not gas. I have been suffering terribly with gas too so am familiar with the gas bubbles (and outbursts) which are in a different place to these little movements … that almost whisper “I’m here mommy – growing strong”.


~ by irene0211 on January 8, 2009.

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